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Companies around the world are using Rakuna platform to scale recruiting. Rakuna’s Text Recruiting Software has got you covered on every front!
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Accelerate The Hiring Process

Send mass text messages in seconds, grow engagement rates exponentially, and make more placements - all with less manual work and in less time.
Rakuna Text Recruiting: Intuitive User Experience

Foster Human Connection

Build relationships and keep your candidates engaged from their very first touchpoint to the end of the recruiting process. Customize your campaigns and set yourself apart by providing the human touch to every message you send!
Rakuna Text Recruiting: Creating Solid Connections With Candidates

Leverage Text Recruitment Data To Boost Performances

Optimize your text recruitment campaigns at strategic points through real-time, reliable, and comprehensive data analytics. Harness the power of data with Rakuna’s intuitive data charts.
Rakuna Text Recruiting : Powerful Analytic Feature

Empower Your Recruiters With Powerful SMS Features

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Sending and tracking bulk SMS campaigns has never been simpler! Customize your template to conduct mass personalized messages!

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Send personalized 1-1 text messages to candidates through Rakuna’s web-based platform. Create, customize, and save multiple templates for easy access.

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Put the hassle of menial tasks out of the equation! Actively engage with candidates through automated mass and targeted messaging campaigns.

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Maximize back-and-forth communication with candidates and deliver quick responses to urgent questions. Rakuna will save and keep track of all interactions for seamless follow-up by other recruiters.

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Extend the reach of your text recruiting campaign by scheduling and automatically sending SMS messages to candidates post-events and post-interviews.

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Track your text recruitment data through auto-generated reports to best measure your text recruitment campaigns. Download crucial analytics to your phone or tablet with Rakuna Text Recruiting.

Have questions about Rakuna’s Text Recruiting Software?

Check out our detailed FAQs below!

Yes, you can do both. Multiple and preferred numbers are supported as long as they are new and unregistered.

Yes. The limit for 1 SMS credit is 160 characters. This includes normal text and emojis.

Yes. At the moment, Rakuna Text Recruiting Software users can insert emojis and attach links under specific texts.

Yes. Different users can be assigned with separate ‘sent from’ numbers in the system.

Yes. You can directly send and instantly receive SMS messages within the Dashboard without using any phone devices. You can choose “Send now” or “Schedule” to send your text later.

No. You can send and receive SMS messages right on Rakuna Dashboard where all candidate profiles are managed.

As far as customization that SMS text messages allow, “sent-from” numbers can be set to display your organization’s name to your recipients.

Rakuna works with all major Applicant Tracking Systems. For example:WorkdaySAP SuccessFactorsGreenhouseiCIMSLeverAdditionally, we can integrate with any ATS as long as it allows data to be securely pushed/pulled via APIs.Learn more here: https://www.rakuna.co/ats_integration/

Rakuna Platform is API-driven. That means the product has been built from day 1 to be integrative - users can plug it into other systems.

Yes. Rakuna supports SSO authentication such as Azure Active Directory and Google SSO. Set-up & maintenance costs may be applied and vary depending on the company's requirements and SSO policy.

Knowledge Snippet – Text Recruiting Laws


Knowing The Rules

An Organization recruiting through text messages is considered a commercial SMS Act. This classification means that your company's SMS activities will be subjected to various SMS laws in the region your team is operating.

Some of the most common sets of regulations your organization is likely to encounter are The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for the US, Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, and finally, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for EU countries.

Each set of laws presents unique requirements and benefits for organizations that operate under it. For example, for the US's TCPA, a given consent is still viable even if the candidate changes from using a landline to a mobile device or a wireless number.

In Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, another form of consent is possible - implied consent. This is when a candidate has an existing business relationship with your business (like having sent an inquiry), then you can send them recruitment messages under implied consent.

However, please note a shared requirement among all three regulations- You can only send SMS when the candidates have expressly provided their consent.


The Cost Of Rule Violation

Unable to prove that you are allowed to conduct text communication by the receiver can land you a $500 fine for a violation and up to $1500 per case if you consciously did it. Another detrimental effect of not following your local commercial messaging laws is losing the trust of your candidates and partners. These regulations are there to protect users from spam messages and fraudulent activities. So if your team committed a violation, candidates could easily interpret that you do not have their best interests in mind.

Understandably, any recruitment team would be eager to reach as many candidates as possible. However, your texts can always be marked as spam and disruptive if they are not planned and executed carefully.

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Have questions about Rakuna’s Text Recruiting Software?

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