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Centralize All Your Candidates’ Information In One ATS

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Rakuna can work with all major Applicant Tracking Systems

Hear More From Our Customers

Mikal Frane
Rakuna app helps us to focus more on engaging candidates and not to worry about manual tasks post event. It also makes us look appealing to tech-savvy students.
Mikal Frane
Wipfli - Recruiter
Michael Armstrong
Rakuna takes into consideration and integrates a lot of improvements that we suggest - it's a good partnership.
Michael Armstrong
Campus Recruiting Team Leader at Southern Company
Brea Fritsche
The app is very easy to use and requires no training. We can ensure our recruiters asking students important questions and collect consistent information.
Brea Fritsche
RSM - HR Director


What is an ATS integration?

Simply put, an ATS integration creates a connection between our system to another ATS ensuring every bit of information is up-to-date on automation.

An ATS integration helps you seamlessly bring all data from Rakuna to your ATS.

What are the benefits of an ATS integration?

Benefits of integrating your ATS with Rakuna include:

  • Centralize and synchronize all your candidates’ information in one place in real-time
  • Transfer data seamlessly and eliminate manual work completely
  • Enhanced data visibility with cross-platform information

How easy is integration with other software modules?

Rakuna Platform is API-driven. That means the product has been built from day-1 to be integrative - it can be plugged into other systems.

The typical process is that one of our system engineers will be assigned to collaborate with your product engineer or third-party account executive. They will structure data forwarding from Rakuna to third-party software. This is under the condition that the third-party enables its gate to accept incoming data from Rakuna.

How do I integrate my ATS

If you are interested in adding this feature to your current contract, contact to get assistance.

How much does an ATS integration with Rakuna cost?

Let us know what ATS you are using - we’ve mentioned several that we’ve got long-standing relationships with, however, we’re happy to integrate with any ATS you may be using.

We will factor in the time requirements and any kind of customization on the integration when looking at pricing for you.