Security and Compliance

Ensure information and data security from the ground up

Protecting and defending user privacy is at the heart of our work. We work closely with all of our customers to understand and meet all compliance requirements and security needs.

Rakuna is committed to protecting the security and privacy of all information entrusted to it. Our services and internal operating processes and procedures will be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as established industry practices.On Data Security:Rakuna has always valued personal data and the rights of the owners ever since day one:Our Privacy Policy thoroughly states the types of information being collected, how we handle and protect them. This document also covers the positive consent from users that they can actively opt-in and out of promotional & email campaigns.Our Terms of Service defines the user content that was being delivered to our system, as well as the limitations of Rakuna’s rights over such information.Our development and security practices strictly follow OWASP security principles.We have an official Information Security Plan to protect the security and privacy of all information.Any user (recruiter/candidate) can always make inquiries and email us to recollect the information that they have forgotten.On Data Migration:Data migration will depend on the type and volume of data needed to be migrated, per the customer’s request.

Rakuna will retain all data in its possession until the customer requests that such data be erased. “Erase” means the process by which Rakuna permanently deletes and destroys customer data and there is no way to restore it. Customers may request project data to be erased after a certain period of inactivity or conditions in order to comply with its own data policy. Set-up & maintenance cost may be applied and vary depending on the company’s requirements.

Rakuna integrates with Azure Active Directory and/or Google SSO.

Rakuna is committed to the following foundational principles built into the DNA of our company:TransparencyWe inform and educate our users and customers of our data policies. We do this through in-product notifications, campaigns, and direct conversations with our customers to ensure people understand how their data is being used.User ControlWe provide people with the ability to control how their data is used.AccountabilityWe are committed to sticking to our practices of protecting data, getting frequent feedback from regulators, policymakers, privacy experts, and improving how we protect personal information.In order to fully meet key requirements from GDPR, we have added new processes and features that further empowers our users to do more about their personal data:Although candidate applications’ proof of consent is not compulsory under GDPR, candidates are now given notice of consent by Terms of Service within their survey emails where they are asked to upload digital versions of their resumés.Recruiters can now select candidates within the prospect list to send emails as confirmations of consent if needed to.Any user now can email us not only to request and re-collect provided information but also to request a complete deletion of the information on our platform.All users are emailed with updates on changes to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and GDPR compliance policy.Read more about Rakuna GDPR readiness here.

Rakuna supports federal hiring regulations (EEOC and OFCCP) with private question fields and reports to protect workers, promote diversity, and enforce the law.

Data is securely backed up on a scheduled basis and is available for disaster recovery purposes.