Top 11 College Recruiting Platforms for University Recruiters

Attracting the brightest young candidates is essential to many businesses and should be one of the top priorities in most talent acquisition strategies today.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, employers need to start incorporating technologies such as web-based or mobile college recruiting apps to help improve their recruiting staff’s productivity and compete more efficiently for talent.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 11 outstanding college recruiting platforms that university recruiters can utilize to improve their productivity and efficiency at work.

LinkedIn Recruiter – The Campus Recruiting App for Finding Candidates Faster


Photo source: LinkedIn’s website

As a college recruiter, you should already be very familiar with LinkedIn. Besides being a place that you may currently be using to post jobs, network and build real-world professional relationships, LinkedIn mobile campus recruiting app can even bring you a lot more advantages.

With this recruiting platform, employers can expect to:

  • Streamline the collection of potential candidates’ information and profile thanks to its practical search tools and over 20 advanced recruiting filters.

On24, one of the companies taking advantage of LinkedIn Recruiter said the app helps to reduce their time-to-hire by 30% since using the app.

  • Get unlimited access to the entire LinkedIn network of more than 400 million members, stay updated with prospective candidates, and enhance collaboration with other team members.
  • Recruiters can find, review profiles, manage job postings, add and save notes, or assign tasks to teammates on each candidate in the blink of an eye – thanks to the mobile app. The app works well on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. It is free to download.
  • Track and reach out to Candidates who started but did not finish the application process with the ‘Apply Starter Feature.’
  • Are you having trouble finding candidates for your contract roles? You can use the ‘Contractor Targeting’ feature to scan for potential contractees in a pool of 6.2 million professionals

And so much more…

According to LinkedIn, 1.6 million professionals actively use LinkedIn to expand their network and search for new opportunities. LinkedIn Recruiter is a sure-fire solution to help you capitalize on this enormous talent pool to draw in candidates that fit.

Rakuna Campus Recruitment Platform – The Campus Recruiting App for Connecting with Candidates at Career Fairs


Photo source: Rakuna’s website

As recruiters, career fairs and campus recruitment events are precious opportunities to reach out to potential candidates and boost the company’s brand image. Because of that, the traditional way of paper resumes and manual follow-up emails can prove to be a burden. Loss of data, prolonged recruiting process are just a few risks. That is why campus recruiting apps, such as Rakuna, are essential to any campus recruiters.


See how our users feel about us on G2Rakuna campus recruiting app is an ideal tool for recruiters to attract and engage with prospective candidates at offline recruiting events like career/job fairs or networking events. It is a technology that streamlines your team’s recruiting efforts at career fairs. Boost your team’s efficiency by removing manual processes like collecting applicants’ resumes, inputting their data, following up after events, or handling long lines of candidates waiting at your booth.

Rakuna’s solution suite for recruiters includes a mobile campus recruiting app and a web-based recruit dashboard. As a user of the Rakuna Campus Recruiting Solution, you can expect these core features and more to help enhance your campus recruitment efforts:


Rakuna Event App

  • Instantly evaluate your candidates profile without delay with customizable evaluation forms.
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry thanks to our innovative resume snapshot technology.
  • Rate and process your candidates anywhere with both online and offline support
  • Easily keep track of your event ROI
  • Simply enable the kiosk mode and let visitors check-in your event on their own.

Rakuna Recruiting Dashboard

  • A centralized space for collaboration among recruiting teams
  • Streamline your candidate pipeline with our dashboard
  • Make the most out of our metric reporting tools to track your ROI with meaningful visuals.

The Rakuna Campus Recruiting Solution is 100% compatible with other recruiting solutions within our ecosystem. Create a perfect recruiting funnel by combining our recruiting software with:

  • Rakuna recruiting CRMAre you having trouble managing your candidates’ profile? ThenRecruiting CRM is the solution for you. Save and track your candidates’ profile throughout the entire recruiting funnel. Group and categorize your candidates into transparent talent pools for customized email campaigns, all possible through our CRM solution.
  • Rakuna’s Applicant tracking system: They say first impressions matter. Then let help your career landing page WOW your candidates using our ATS solution. Users can drag and drop different elements to create a landing page with your business’s personality. Simple, creative, and intuitive, the solution requires little to no training to master.
  • Rakuna’s Text Recruiting: With approximately 74% of the global Gen Z population choosing a smartphone as their primary device to access the internet, according to The Institute of Business Management, not capitalizing on SMS recruiting can be a significant loss to your business. Whether it’s a single-send sms or bulk campaign, simply create a template and let the solution do the work. Combined with our CRM, users will have a dynamic duo to track the effectiveness of your campaign and maximize your ROI.
  • Rakuna’s Interview Scheduling: Manually set and manage hundreds, if not thousands, of scheduled appointments is a mind-numbing task that no one in a recruiting team should be subjected to. Features like calendar integration, time zone management, candidate self-scheduling or rescheduling, and much more can make interview scheduling a sweatless task.

And so much more…

Rakuna has been serving a wide range of companies such as National Grid, IXL Learning, and Express Scripts to save them more than 1,400 recruiting hours every year and help them increase their candidate response rate to up to 98%.

Another advantage of Rakuna Recruit is that it is user-friendly, even for those with limited tech affinity. The app requires no user training, thanks to its intuitive design. Enhance your hire quality today by replacing traditional resume intake with Rakuna’s recruiting technology.

Download ‘U.S. College Career Fairs List Fall 2021 – Spring 2022’


Monster – The Campus Recruitment Platform for Advertising Jobs


Photo source: Monster’s website

Monster campus recruiting app is the brainchild of Monster Worldwide, Inc., one of the pioneers in connecting recruiters and candidates through various online services and products.

Monster’s solutions are now present in over 40 countries, assisting recruiters in posting and sharing hiring news, looking for and resumes, shortlisting applicants, keeping in touch with candidates, and managing current applicants. The Monster Premium Job Ads and Super Search improve recruiters’ experience in reaching and connecting with applicants through its vast distribution network of more than 500 social sites. The Premium Company Profiles help companies engage candidates with their stories thanks to a comprehensive product suite of company descriptions, ratings, and reviews.

According to Monster’s report, there are 29 resumes uploaded, 7,900 jobs searched, and 2,800 jobs viewed on Monster’s worldwide network every minute.

WayUp – The Campus Recruiting App for Attracting Talent to Apply


Photo source: WayUp’s website

WayUp, formerly known as Campus Job, is a young company founded in 2014 to create a platform where college students or fresh grads and employers can easily connect. This platform helps recruiters “reach, recruit, and engage early career candidates.”


With a database of more than 4.5 million candidates and over 6,500 universities and colleges represented, WayUp helps companies attract more high-quality talent to apply for the jobs within a much shorter period.

Chris Russel, a Recruitment Marketing consultant from one of the firms implementing the app, reported that he had such a pleasant experience with the app since it helped him find 50 applicants for his job listing within just a day.

Users of WayUp can enjoy core features such as:

  • Utilize filters for job listings, including students’ school, major, expected degree, GPA, and much more.
  • The “Invite Students” function makes sure that only those who meet the requirements for the job can view and apply for the postings.
  • Enhance your D&I strategy with the ‘Diversity and inclusion dashboard’ highlighting important D&I metrics to help users build a diverse workforce in both backgrounds and skills.
  • Create seamless virtual events with customizable branded experiences to attract the most high-quality talent out there. Enhance your business’s brand online with WayUp’s inhouse branding team

And so much more…

These functions help both job-seekers and recruiters save a lot of time and yield better results. According to Liz Wessel, CEO of WayUp, one in every three college students applying for a job through the platform successfully get the job. The figures prove the effectiveness of the app.

Moreover, after scoring a list of qualified students, employers can send an invitation encouraging them to apply for the job. The platform will notify students of the invitation through multiple channels. Thanks to this, students will get to know more about the job postings and feel more confident to send their resumes since they understand that they can only be informed of hiring news when they are, at least to some extent, qualified. As a result, many businesses have seen a sharp increase in applicants for their job posts.

Companies can also attract the most talented candidates by having custom photos and videos, branding materials, and informative content displayed on the app – an excellent additional channel for employers’ branding.

HireVue – The Campus Recruiting App for Implementing Video Interview


Photo source: HireVue’s website

HireVue is a digital recruiting company that utilizes video intelligence for interviews and assessments to help global enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the present-day labor market and hire the most high-quality and talented employees. Their talent acquisition platform is assisting companies in getting a better way of filtering out and hiring talent.

HireVue campus recruiting app and its other solutions are built based on the combination of video interviews and artificial intelligence. Hence, it improves human decision-making in the recruiting process and accelerates higher-quality talent acquisition.

The company itself was ranked among the top 10 “Most Promising Companies” in America by Forbes and is a five-time winner of “Top HR Product of the Year” by HR Executive Magazine.

The number of companies implementing the HireVue recruiting solution is more than 700 worldwide, including top investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley; banks and accounting firms such as Deloitte; and leading brands such as Qantas, Vodafone, Intel, Honeywell, Carnival Cruise Line, Tiffany & Co., and 40% of Fortune’s Most Admired.

RIVS – The Campus Recruitment Platform for Pre-recording Video Interview


Photo source: RIVS’s website

‘interviewstream’ is a web-based interviewing technology designed to empower hiring managers and employers to discover the best talent with less time and costs required. This easy-to-use app makes the hiring and interviewing process less onerous for recruiters and reduces time spent on scheduling and interviewing disqualified applicants. The technology highlights candidates’ key characteristics and communication skills through voice, video, and written interviews earlier in the recruitment process.

Thanks to its interview guide builder, the platform can play a vital role in improving the interview preparation and arrangement phase with its scheduling tools.

The platform’s video interviewing technology suite for recruiters includes four main products:

The technology has so far been utilized by 1,000 clients worldwide, proving its usefulness and effectiveness in online interviewing.

Extraco Banks, one of interviewstream’s customers, stated that they were able to interview 265 candidates in 2016 using pre-recorded, saving them $817 per candidate.

Additionally, They can cut their hiring period in half, from 10 to 12 weeks down to 5 to 6 weeks only.

Brazen – The Campus Recruitment Platform for Converting Quality Passive Candidates


Photo source: Brazen’s website

Brazen is a recruiting app that utilizes a chat-based platform for online networking or recruiting events for recruiters and hiring managers. It is incredibly advantageous for recruiters to attract and connect with candidates through chat and online events, especially passive ones.

Brazen develops its solution suite surrounding 4 core features:

  • Seamless chat during any form of online events such as recruiting events, meetups, open houses, or information sessions. Virtual concierge chatbot will ensure no question is left unanswered.
  • Promoting recruiting events utilizing a robust collection of marketing and communication tools.
  • Highly customizable registration pages that help recruiters gather and access crucial data without being overwhelmed.
  • Hosting recruitment events through a highly customizable platform with intuitive user experience and robust post-event reporting system.

The products are proven to promote applicants’ interaction with employers, encourage those not actively finding a job to apply for the company, and help talent seekers carry out their jobs faster and easier and accelerate the hiring process.

With Brazen, applicant response times are demonstrated to be one to two days shorter. Additionally, the number of qualified candidates applied for the client firms is twice as much as usual.

The Brazen recruiting app has been helping recruiters and employers from plenty of companies like Starbucks, CVS Health, KPMG, Northrop Grumman, USA Today, Ericsson, Vanguard, etc., to improve their recruitment results. A representative from Ericsson, Kelly Myers, claimed that the app helped her team to set their brand apart by inviting applicants to their online events before being onsite at conferences.

CareerEco – The Campus Recruiting App for Holding Virtual Events


Photo source: CareerEco’s website

CareerEco is a campus recruiting app that helps employers organize virtual recruitment events and builds a talent networking community for recruiters, academic institutions, college grads, and job hunters. These events offer a unique and innovative way to connect with students in non-target schools or schools where companies do not have the resources to visit in person. It helps companies save a lot of time and get rid of various expenses related to traveling.


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CareerEco is now collaborating with hundreds of businesses and organizations such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, NetApp, J. P. Morgan Chase, Barclay Software, etc., to help them take advantage of online fairs and virtual recruiting events. You can check out their upcoming and past events here to better grasp the kind of events they provide.

CareerEco does both career fairs such as [Georgia Tech Virtual Career Fair July 2018](Georgia Tech Virtual Career Fair July 2018), CFP Board Online Career Fair April 2018, or Meeting Street Schools Teacher Fair April 2018, and grad school fairs such as College Athlete Virtual Fair April 2018 and Science and Environmental Studies Graduate School Virtual Fair April 2018.


The college recruiting app built by CareerEco has received quite a lot of positive feedback from their customers, employers, and candidates alike. If you decide to put your trust in CareerEco, you are in good hands.

VidCruiter – The Campus Recruiting App for Structured Digital Interviews


Photo source: VidCruiter’s website

VidCruiter is a recruiting app that helps employers significantly increase their chance of hiring the best candidates by using: structured digital interviews, also known as behavioral/situational or competency interviews. Instead of depending on a random set of questions for every applicant, a structured digital interview technology offers recruiters the means to unbiasedly compare candidates based on standardized criteria.

If your recruiting strategy heavily leans towards interviewing your prospective candidates, VidCruiter is the perfect companion:

  • Tackle interviews through the live and pre-recorded feature. Users of VidCruiter can experience up to 80% decrease in time-to-hire, gain valuable insights from raters, establish a database of recorded live interviews, and so much more.
  • Attach guide and rating scales for structured interviews in both of your live or pre-recorded sessions to maximize your efficiency.
  • Centralize candidates’ rating on a phone/tablet companion dashboard to eliminate note-taking during a session.

The Vidcruiter platform has made the process of carrying out structured interviews remarkably easier and simpler by enabling employers to digitize their rating rubrics and custom interview guides. Whether recruiters have their candidates take part in the asynchronous or one-way video interview, connect with them through live video interviews, or interview applicants in person, the interview scripts and rating scales are reachable from any kind of device.

Instead of manually gathering and calculating the scores from burdensome paper-based forms, the Vidcruiter system arranges information submitted by each rater and automatically figures out a candidate’s score in real-time. Recruiters can also quickly categorize candidates based on their scores and ratings and filter out the best within users’ specified period.

Paradox – The Online Recruitment Platform for Automating Tasks


Photo source: Business Wire

Streamlining the recruiting process has always been a long-fought goal for talent acquisition leaders. To that end, recruiters usually turn to ATS and CRM applications to alleviate the nuisance of data gathering, management, and even relationship building. However, Paradox is bringing a new piece of HR technology to the field. Their solution promises to enhance the recruiting and job hunting experience. Meet Olivia – Paradox’s assistance AI and the core feature of the Paradox online recruitment platform.

Created in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Olivia AI and Paradox was designed to enhance recruiters’ and candidates’ experience.

Since its founding day in 2016, this talent acquisition platform is currently supporting over 200 organizations globally. Able to engage in 36+ languages daily. Paradox has partnered with big companies like Disney, Unilevel, and Aramark.

Paradox’s G2 Intro

In Paradox’s own words, the application is not an ATS or a CRM; it is an entirely different recruiting platform to enhance its users’ existing talent acquisition pipeline. In 2020, the company just closed a successful funding round worth up to $40 million.


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The term “AI” is synonymous with artificial intelligence automation. The Olivia AI can: Engage in automated actions, such as:

  • Conduct live conversations on the web, through SMS, or on mainstream Social channels like WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Olivia can make running a virtual event a breeze. She can support staff by conducting personalized virtual handshakes or register visitors by merely talking to them.

When it comes to Paradox, the cherry on top is that you can host virtual events using the application. You can check out how Paradox supports the famous US fast-food chain – Wendy’s in optimizing their recruitment campaign to hire amidst a global pandemic.

As the Winner of Brandon Hall’s Gold Award for Best Advance in AI, users will have a handy talent acquisition platform to streamline their recruiting process and get a conversational AI as an assistant when using Paradox.

Eightfold – The Online Recruitment Platform for Finding the Right Person for the Right Job


Photo source: Eightfold’s website

Another player in the field of AI enhancement – Eightfold, offers a compact talent acquisition and management platform. Backed by a deep-learning AI, Eightfold’s solution makes finding the right person for the right job feels like a walk in the park.


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Founded in 2016 at Mountain View, California, Eightfold possesses an impressive track record of creating happy customers. Some of Eightfold’s patrons include AirAsia, Dolby, Capital One, and Hulu.

With AirAsia, this airline faced age-old problems of building a solid candidate experience, juggling between screening many resumes and scheduling subsequent interviews until they adopted Eightfold.

With the AI-powered online recruiting platform’s help, AirAsia cut down 48% of the time spent coordinating candidates.

Suppose the Olivia AI of Paradox is all about automated, life-like interactions. In that case, the AI from Eightfold will be that silent helper, quietly crunching data behind the scene to give users the best answers for their problems. So how does Eightfold work?

  • The core feature of this application is called the Talent Intelligence Platform. Using AI processing help, Eightfold gathers public data such as resumes, career pages, or social profiles and combines them with internal information like open positions, ATS data.\ What used to be unstructured information can now help recruiters identify, engage and nurture talents with the right fit for the right job.
  • Discover your candidates’ hidden talent with a skill database of up to 1.4 million skills. Continue with the silent helper’s theme; this platform can match relevant positions within your organization with eligible employees.
  • Do you have problems coming up with a logical career development plan for your team? Eightfold can give recommendations on the next move an employee should take to achieve their specified goal.

Having Eightfold by your side feels like having an omnipresent, ever-available secretary that can help you plan your next move and crunch your data with lightning-fast speed. To read more about Eightfold’s essential features, you can visit their website.

12. Conclusion

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 11 best college recruiting apps that can improve university recruiters’ productivity and efficiency.

Regardless of the platform you choose, paying attention to three elements is crucial: privacy policy, rights reserved, and terms of service.

These policies outline how the personal information of job candidates is collected, used, and stored. Being mindful of these policies can help ensure compliance with the platform’s rules and regulations to protect job candidates’ privacy and avoid violations.

We hope this blog helps improve your campus recruitment strategies in the future.