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Streamline Scheduling Process

Eliminate old-fashioned back and forth communication by empowering candidates to proactively book interviews with interviewers.

Create Incredible Recruiting Experience

Strengthen dynamic and meaningful interactions with candidates through easy hiring processes that move at the speed of light.

Win Top Talents Quickly

Move candidates through the interviewing process quickly to catch top talents as soon as possible.

Interview Features

optimize interview management

Optimize Interview Management

Easily view auto-generated calendar invitations and confirm interview attendance with just a click.

Enable Candidate to Self-schedule

Enable Candidate to Self-schedule

Allow candidates to self-schedule and reschedule based on the generated time slots without any extra communication.

Track Candidate History

View Calendar Availability

Quickly view calendar availability of all interviewers involved.

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Schedule interviews in bulk with interview-time-slot auto generation button.

Generate Automated Emails

Generate Automated Emails Quickly

Keep in touch with candidates post-interviews with automated and customizable follow-up emails.

Log Candidate’s Evaluation

Log Interview Assessment

Set up customized evaluation form for interviewers to log interview notes during or after each interview.

You're In Trusted Hands!

Jaleen K. Bains
We love the spreadsheet, can email and follow-up with candidates easily. We’ve also received many great and positive responses from the candidates post-events. The Customer Support team has been super responsive and helpful via phone, intercom, and email. I would give them 10/10.
Jasleen K. Bains
Senior Recruiter at Amica
Ryan Hawkins
The scheduling feature saves me countless hours of back-and-forth emailing, calling and texting with students. Our managers and interviewers the side-by-side feature within the interview interface that allows them to see the resume and evaluation form at the same time.
Ryan Hawkins
University Relations Recruiter at Sensata Technologies
Nicole Mincin
I love it, I love it so much! With Rakuna, I handled 100+ candidates all on my own at the event and everything still went really smoothly. I can’t imagine not having this app with me at events. I’ll definitely need this app when I go out to recruit.
Nicole Mincin
Recruiter at Applied Materials

Interview Scheduling Made Easy


* No Credit Card Required

Ryan Hawkins
The Interview Scheduling product saves me countless hours of back-and-forth communication with students.
What used to take me up to a full day of stress, now is done in about 5-10 minutes, and in a competitive job market, these are the types of things that separate us from the competition - being able to provide fast responses and an effortless candidate experience throughout the entire recruiting process.
Ryan Hawkins
University Relations Recruiter at Sensata Technologies