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Rakuna Product Suite

Interview Scheduling Software

Interview Scheduling

Automate Interview Scheduling

Take the headaches out of interview scheduling / rescheduling process while speeding up your recruitment cycle

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The scheduling feature alone saves me countless hours of back-and-forth emailing, calling and texting with students Our managers and interviewers have really appreciated the side-by-side feature within the interview interface that allows them to see the resume and evaluation form at the same time.
Ryan Hawkin, Senior Recruiter at Sensata
Campus & Event Mobile Recruiting App

Campus & Event Mobile Recruiting App

Recruit Anywhere, Anytime

No more manual data entry at career fairs. Use snapshot to capture candidates’ resumes and get all data ready for real-time evaluation.

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Applied Materials
I love it, I love it so much! With Rakuna, I handled 100+ candidates all on my own at the event and everything still went really smoothly. I can’t imagine not having this app with me at events. I’ll definitely need this app when I go out to recruit.
Nicole Mincin, University Recruiter at Applied Materials
Recruit Dashboard

Recruiting Dashboard

Increase ROI Recruitment with Better Insights

Work better together in a collaborative space. Achieve your hiring goals with powerful reporting tools and comprehensive insights.

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Amica Mutual Insurance
With Rakuna, we are able to keep everything on one digital platform, make our recruitment process more efficient, save time and money, and have quicker turn-around. We’ve also received many great and positive responses from the candidates post-events.
Jasleen K. Bains, Senior Recruiter at Amica Mutual Insurance
Event Management

Event Management

Centralize All Recruiting Events In One Hub

Streamline events logistics in one integrated site for better transparency among your recruiting team. Focus less on administrative tasks and more on candidate engagement.

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We’ve seen amazing improvements in recruitment ROI and product enhancement since last year, appreciate Rakuna taking in our comments and feedback then. Our experience has been positive so far.
Morgan Askins, Candidate Lead at Flatiron

Recruiting CRM

Deepen Relationships With Your Candidates

Humanize your recruiting process, strengthen engagement with your candidates at scale and grow your employer brand.

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Rakuna app helps us to focus more on engaging candidates and not to worry about manual tasks post event. It also makes us look appealing to tech-savvy students.
Mikal Frane, Recruiter at Wipfli
Recruiting CRM

Hear Our Customers Are Saying

  • Rakuna takes into consideration and integrates a lot of improvements that we suggest - it's a good partnership.

    Michael Armstrong Michael Armstrong
    Campus Recruiting Leader at Southern Co

    We love the product, we were actually trying to mess your tool up and couldn't. The overall experience was very positive.

    Fred Berneche Fred Berneche
    Director, IoT Solutions and Operations at NXP Semiconductors

    The product onboarding and implementation process were clear and good. The product is super user-friendly and easy to use so there was no problem with implementation.

    Courtney Sullivan Courtney Sullivan
    Campus Recruiting Manager at FCB Health
  • The setup and adding recruiters onto the platform was easy. It was smooth to take snapshots, ask questions and have conversations with students.

    Michelle Aylward Michelle Aylward
    Senior Manager at HRBP

    I can say that it was a very positive experience using Rakuna and can see where this software would be very beneficial to companies doing event and on-campus recruitment.

    Laura Cameron Laura Cameron
    Recruiter at Ames Construction

    The app is very easy to use and requires no training. We can ensure our recruiters asking students important questions and collect consistent information.

    Brea Fritsche Brea Fritsche
    HR Director at RSM

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