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Eliminate stacks of resumes and email lists with an app you can use whenever, wherever. Engage with talents at the click of a button.

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Recruit Dashboard

Manage your prospective candidates in a collaborative space. Make it easy for your team to work together and find top candidate.

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Event Management

Simplify recruiting events management with one integrated site that keeps you connected with your recruiters and attendees.

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Rakuna app helps us to focus more on engaging candidates and not to worry about manual tasks post event. It also makes us look appealing to tech-savvy students
Mikal d38ea2b3020bced20e63f7002e444b941bec9848357ecbc088b307040468237e
Mikal Frane
Wipfli - Recruiter
The app is very easy to use and requires no training. We can ensure our recruiters asking students important questions and collect consistent information.
Brea 67e52d40d62559cf4eb4a2d040badc20f7e8379c594302136493615899745a1d
Brea Fritsche
RSM - HR Director
Career fair masterlist a50721f2fe46f99a68ade91770cebae94f5c13f1f51810bded887c2d61fcf08a

MasterList of College Career Fairs in US

A time-saver for you and your team to ensure you are not missing out important opportunities to get direct exposure to college student candidates

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  • Eliminate all manual data entry
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