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Recruiting CRM

Strengthen Engagement With Your Candidates


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Gain Transparency Into The Candidate Journey

See where candidates are in the hiring process and leverage analytics on previous interactions to proactively engage with the best talents.

Organize Candidates Smarter

Categorize candidates into groups for customized communication and gain productivity in identifying top talents by speed sourcing and smart categorization.

Better Organizing Candidate Better Organizing Candidate Mobile

Deepen Relationship with Candidates

Humanize the recruiting process and build relationships with passive candidates ahead of business demand. Improve the ultimate candidate experience by nurturing them with close engagement and personalized, targeted email campaigns.


Access candidate profile

Access candidate complete profile

View each candidate's complete information, past evaluation, and historical interactions between your company and each candidate.

Export to ATS/ Excel

Export data to ATS/Excel

Transmit candidate data into ATS or export to Excel for further data analysis.

Team Collaboration

Improve team collaboration

Easily share candidates, create notes and tasks, follow-ups and collaborate among the recruiting team and hiring managers.

Automated Email Communications

Automate email communications

Actively engage with candidates through the recruitment journey with mass messaging campaigns and personalized, targeted email campaigns.

Categorize candidates

Categorize candidates

Organize candidates easily into conformal talent pipelines using tags and filters.

Candidate Pipeline

Gain visibility into candidate pipeline

See every point of the candidate lifecycle to monitor hiring growth, measure success, and convert prospects to applicants.

Strengthen Engagement With Your Candidates


* No Credit Card Required