Enhance Your Recruiting Program With Text Message Recruiting Software

Text Message Recruiting Software: A comprehensive review of the best platforms available

According to FinancesOnline , 48% of global consumers prefer SMS as their source of brand updates. With the increased development of mobile applications comes the upgraded originality of the recruitment strategies. Proactive talent scouts should not miss the chance of text recruiting as an effective conversational means.

It’s high time recruiters consider text message recruiting platforms as a means to step up their hiring decisions. To help hiring leaders catch up with the latest trends in the mobile recruiting scene, we will go through some of the top-shelf text message recruiting software to help your team step up your hiring strategy!

1. The facts of text message recruiting necessity:

As one of the top hiring priorities is attracting candidates’ attention. Recruiters should always keep track of open rates and responsiveness through personal communication. Gartner’s research indicated that message open rates via text recruiting campaigns are five times as much as via emails . Candidates’ attitudes to SMS connection with recruiters also show positive signs of a conversational recruiting strategy. Modern Hire compiled the following figures:

  • Two-thirds of job seekers feel comfortable enough for recruiters to test them.
  • Over 70% of applicants express their wish to receive messages of job postings.
  • 80% of potential talents make responses to text job interviews.

With the supporting evidence of text message recruiting available everywhere, one should be encouraged to have a gander at the list below.


2. The comprehensive list of suitable text message recruiting solutions for you:

When you first begin researching the perfect text recruiting software, it might be difficult to group them into understandable categories. Check out how we categorize some of the most popular text recruiting solutions on the market to optimize your research.

2.1 Text-recruiting enabled ATSs or CRMs

This text-recruiting solution is a part of an ecosystem of multiple solutions working in tandem to enhance a complete recruiting process. One of the most popular text campaign solutions in this category is ICIMS’s Text recruiting & engagement.

2.1.1. When should you use this text message recruiting software?

When you are struggling to form a recruiting pipeline from scratch:

If you are creating a new recruiting channel using different solutions, you might have to export, store, and synchronize your data manually. Not to mention some text-recruiting solutions might not be compatible with your current applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) tool. This way, using an ATS or CRM solution with a text messaging function embedded inside can help you form a pipeline with ease. These solutions are built as part of an ecosystem where your data is always accessible.

If you have a long pipeline or many candidates:

The larger the scale, the more challenging it will be. Implementing a standalone text campaign at any point in a long and intricate recruiting pipeline can be especially difficult. For instance, one has to deal with ineffective data management due to using an incompatible third-party solution. With your text-recruiting solution as a part of the overall process, you can keep track of any individual’s past interactions, enabling you to formulate personalized text for any individual.

2.1.2. Pros and Cons

Do you know that 99% of Fortune 500 companies are using an ATS? In some countries such as the US, most large businesses are required to use an ATS also. For these businesses, having a text campaign solution embedded in the overall system can be incredibly handy.

  • Save time training your crew: You can skip the hassle of getting a standalone solution to work with your existing ATS or CRM or preparing them to use an entirely new application. Instead, once you have finished training your crew to use the entire solution, they are set to begin your text campaign.
  • Begin a text campaign any time within the pipeline with ease: With your recruiting solution suite (including the text message recruiting software), candidates’ information is shared among multiple applications. You won’t have to save your data externally to sync with different apps, and you can keep track of your candidates throughout the long pipeline.

However, there are a few drawbacks associated with this type of text message recruiting software:

  • Struggle to work perfectly with other separate solutions: It is possible to separate the text engagement feature to work with other ATSs or CRMS. However, this will create problems usually seen with standalone solutions like incompatibility. Once you have chosen a bundled text recruiting solution, your best option is to use another recruiting app in that ecosystem.
  • Pay a higher price: If you purchase a bundled solution, the price will naturally be higher than that of a single application.

2.1.3. The ICIMS Talent Cloud


The ICIMS TextRecruit feature is part of the scalable ICIMS Talent Cloud. As the name suggests, their text solution is only a part of a large platform. With ICIMS, users will never have to store data manually. All candidate information can be accessed on the cloud. ICIMS’s TextRecruit stands out by having an AI chatbot to automate the replying process. The application also includes an internal chat function for team members to cooperate.

2.2 Standalone Text recruiting solutions

As an independent text solution, this is not bundled with other applications. Solutions within this category are usually praised for their flexibility to connect to many ATS solutions. If you begin your research on a standalone application, you might have heard of Grayscale .

2.2.1. When should you use this text message recruiting software?

When running under a budget:

An independent text recruiting app serves the purpose if a budget limits your hiring team. Not only can you pick between multiple price packages, but you can also purchase a text engagement solution only, instead of a full suite of recruiting apps.

If you already have an ATS or CRM solution and don’t want to change:

Changing an established HR system and associated recruiting solutions can be time-consuming. For businesses that want to adopt text recruiting, integrating a standalone text solution is the way to go.

2.2.2. Pros and Cons

  • The ability to integrate with several ATS or CRM is the greatest selling point of this text message recruiting software. You should contact the service provider to see if the application is integrable with your ATS. Note that the text solution’s duration to integrate and synchronize with your data depends on its compatibility with other apps.
  • If you are running text recruiting with a budget, a standalone solution will have a more understandable price tag due to its smaller size.
  • The downside is that it will cost the business more time to integrate the solution into their existing pipeline depending on the chosen text solution. However, a company can maintain the integrity of its recruiting process. Furthermore, you only need to train your team on how to use the new text campaign app.

2.2.3. The case of the Greenhouse and Greyscale partnership

If you have or are using the ATS solution provided by Greenhouse , you will notice no text engagement feature is available within their official ecosystem. That’s why Greenhouse partnered with Grayscale text solution to provide the service for their user base. Once you have integrated the app, Grayscale can utilize the data stored in Greenhouse’s ATS system to enable user with:

  • WhatsApp messaging management and unlimited messaging
  • Drip campaigns and bulk SMS campaign
  • Tasks automation such as SMS interview reminder

2.3 Rakuna Text Recruiting Solution – The Best Of Both World

At Rakuna, we develop our products surrounding the core value of simplicity. That’s why, whether you are operating under a budget or with a lengthy pipeline, Rakuna’s Text Recruiting Software can enhance your recruiting endeavors.

The Text Recruiting Software is part of our platform of recruiting solutions, including Recruiting CRM , Interview Scheduling , Event Recruit App and more. Rakuna recruiting solution suite can help you form an effective recruiting pipeline. However, we also provide different price plans and the ability to use Text Recruiting Software with your chosen system.

With Text Recruiting Software as part of our Rakuna ecosystem, users can optimize their 1-on-1 or bulk messaging campaign through auto-generated reports from our CRM solution. The app can work in tandem with Event Management and Interview Scheduling to send reminder SMS pre-event and post-event.

When you separate Text Recruiting Software, reassure that all core functions such as instantaneous automated SMS reply or Bulk and single-send SMS campaigns will remain at 100% efficiency. Our dedicated support team is always eager to support you with integrating Text Recruiting Software into your chosen system and applications.

With the SMS open rate getting as high as 98% , why not adopt text recruiting today? Contact us for a free demo.


In 2021, our society is as connected as ever. With almost every human owning a phone, modern recruiters now have another pool of talented candidates to tap into. Reach out to your potential hires in a blink of an eye using text recruiting campaigns supported by innovative text message recruiting software. If you want to level up your SMS recruiting, consider this post of helpful SMS recruiting tips.