07 Must-Try Ideas For Career Fair Giveaways



According to a recent Student Insights Report by Rakuna, nearly 90% of college students and recent graduates are attending career fairs. As career fairs are speed-dating events between employers and potential employees, you need to get the spotlight to attract the best candidates. Here are our suggestions to make your career fair giveaways impress your prospective candidates and help your organization to break through the clutter.

01. Top 03 Features Of Successful Career Fair Giveaways

First of all, you need to know the key features to success, to gain career fairs’ participants’ attention and keep your brand top-of-their-mind. Based on a study by PPAI, there are three key reasons for people to keep their promotional products:

1.1. Fun

Around 30% of survey respondents said that they tend to keep items attached to great experiences. As fun giveaways will definitely bring a joyful experience to the recipients, they are more likely to hold onto your branded items. Moreover, they can also associate your employer brand with positive feelings which will be an advantage for your company when the potential candidates consider their options.

1.2. Trendy

Many people will keep a promotional item because it fits their styles, or it represents their personality. Imagining yourself leaving an event with a dozen of similar products and you can only use a part of them, you will probably keep items which fit your taste over those ones with just big company logos. A great and trendy design will not only increase the chance of being used but will also attract the attention of prospective candidates and their networks while the promotional item is in use.

1.3. Functional

Functionality is the key feature to keep the giveaways in the hands and employer brand in the minds of prospective candidates. Nearly 85% of surveyed respondents said that they tend to hang onto promotional products serving specific purposes. No matter what your business is or the size of your company, useful items are always appreciated. As recipients use your giveaways, those items remind them of your company brand.


02. Career Fair Giveaways: 07 Ideas To Become the Spotlight

Here are our top 07 must-try ideas to help you become the spotlight at career fairs. For best results, you should ensure the alignment between your handouts and your company brand, and values.

2.1. Free snacks and coffee

Providing free snacks and drinks is always a simple yet effective way to create a buzz for your booth. It will attract your candidates and create more opportunities to engage with prospecting candidates and start conversations. As college students and graduates are coffee-drinkers, coffee is also another great idea for giveaways.

2.2. Power bank

Nowadays, everyone owns at least one gadget - from tablet to mobile phone. It makes power bank a universal appreciated gift. As 90% of young job seekers prefer to communicate with potential employers via Email & Phone, this career fair giveaways will be handy for Millennials and Gen Z, your target candidates. The highly functional feature of this product ensures its place in your recipients’ bags and constantly reminds them of your brand.

2.3. Card sleeves for phone

Card sleeve is another helpful gift to mobile phone users. It is a convenient way to keep cards, money, or important items without having to open their purses or wallets. While a care sleeve this product is undoubtedly helpful to active people who are always on their move, there is probably only one space for a sleeve on their phone. Thus, we suggest that you should consider giving out a quality product with great design.

2.4. Popsocket

If you are looking for a career fair give-away which is small, trendy, and useful, popsocket is the best option. This small item can serve multiple purposes, and thus, be extremely helpful to smartphone users.


2.5. Lip balm or hand sanitizer

Moving to the wellness category, lip balms or hand sanitizers are surprisingly well-appreciated items. While lip balms are particularly helpful for the dry season, hand sanitizers are in need for humid and flu season. These handouts show that your company cares about good health and the well-being of your prospective employees.

2.6. Tumbler and water bottle

Coffee and water are necessary parts of Millennials and Gen Z’s daily life. It makes tumbler and water bottle become handy gifts to both college students and graduates. These items can be brought to classes, libraries, gyms, and many more activities. These giveaways ensure your company’s presence in your target candidates daily lives and your company brand’s exposure to their networks.

2.7. Sustainable gifts such as reusable straws and bags

These career fair giveaways will keep you up with the sustainable lifestyle, which Millennials and Gen Z are attracted to. By providing useful and environment friendly items, you can not only increase the longevity of these products but also add value to your brand. These giveaways will be especially great for brands which associate themselves with the trends of sustainability and social responsibilities.


Career fairs are like speed-dating events between you and your potential candidates. You should make sure that the career fair giveaways you give are fun, stylish, and useful. Great giveaways can get you the spotlight and create a lasting impression. As you probably have found some great ideas to try from this article, you can also check our previous article, 14-Step Career Fair Checklist For Employers - Tips & Ideas, to efficiently prepare for your next event.