Interview Scheduling for Public Administration Recruitment

Automate the entire interview scheduling process to achieve a hassle-free recruiting experience in Public Administration recruitment

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Centralize Interview Scheduling In Public Administration

Rakuna is optimized for Public Administration recruiters to manage all types of interviews on one platform. Recruiters can seamlessly schedule and keep track of all appointments, creating an error-free interview scheduling process.
Rakuna Text Recruiting: Intuitive User Experience

Enhanced Interview Experience for Public Administration Stakeholders

Public Administration stakeholders can benefit from Rakuna's Interview Scheduling Software as a centralized hub that automates the entire scheduling process: <br> - Recruiting Coordinators: Optimize interview management on a single streamlined platform with complete control over the entire interview process <br> - Candidates: Easy self-scheduling & rescheduling options provide flexibility and convenience for Public Administration candidates. <br> - Interviewers: Enable interviewers to quickly confirm, request schedule changes, or share availability with other stakeholders <br> - Talent Acquisition Leaders & Hiring Managers: Quick decision-making powered by comprehensive, real-time interview feedback data.
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Easy to use and integrate with other Public Administration HRIS

Interview Scheduling Software is an intuitive standalone product that can solve most of the common scheduling challenges. For recruiters in Public Administration industries looking to expand their recruitment suite, Rakuna can easily integrate with other third-party applications.
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Empower Your Recruiters With Powerful Interview Scheduling Features

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Have the flexibility in scheduling 1-on-1, panel, phone, video, in-person, back-to-back, and all-day interviews - all based on your needs.

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Connect with Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCloud calendars to view interviewers' availability and eliminate error-prone scheduling.

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Conduct international interviews or across different time zones easily. Display and control interview time zone to avoid time confusion.

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Provide maximum convenience when scheduling interviews. Candidates can select suitable time slots and reschedule with just a few clicks.

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Rakuna handles your 'grunt' tasks with style! Whether it's reminding you of upcoming interviews or moving candidates through your recruitment funnel.

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Streamline the assessment process, enhance team collaboration, and make quicker hiring decisions.

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Use metrics reporting tools to measure interview success with comprehensive visuals.

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Empower your company’s branding by customizing your profile and communication templates.

Have questions about Rakuna’s Interview Scheduling Software?

Check out our detailed FAQs below!

You are eligible for a one-week trial for the Interview Scheduling solution when your newly signed-up organization is approved. Once you are in, there is a Self-onboarding process that you can follow, or you can book an onboarding call with us via

Rakuna supports Google and Outlook calendars. The recruiter can import exportable calendar files such as ‘.ics’ directly from Rakuna product or contact the Product team to extend other calendar services.

No. At the moment, candidates can only see and book a preferred time via the Interview Self-scheduling Link from a list of available time slots that you set up.

Yes. A user can invite colleagues to use Rakuna Interview Scheduling with different roles. Learn more about the roles for this product here.

Yes. The solution can set display time zones for different users, and all-time zones will be automatically converted in all interview communications.

No. Candidates will never have access to other candidates' information while interacting with Rakuna's products.

Rakuna works with all major Applicant Tracking Systems. For example:
- Workday
- SAP SuccessFactors
- Greenhouse
- Lever
Additionally, we can integrate with any ATS as long as it allows data to be securely pushed/pulled via APIs.
Learn more here:

Rakuna Platform is API-driven. That means the product has been built from day-1 to be integrative - Users can plug it into other systems.

Yes. Rakuna supports SSO authentication such as Azure Active Directory and Google SSO. Set-up & maintenance costs may be applied and vary depending on the company's requirements and SSO policy.

Best Practices for Scheduling Interviews in Public Administration Recruitment

Scheduling interviews can be a challenging task for Public Administration recruiters. In this knowledge snippet, we will explore some helpful tips and best practices for scheduling interviews in Public Administration recruitment.

Prioritize Communication with Applicants

Communication is key in scheduling interviews, and that holds true when recruiting for Public Administration positions. To provide a positive candidate experience, prioritize clear and concise communication with applicants. Offering enough time for preparation and the option to reschedule time slots if necessary shows respect for the candidate's time and values transparency.

Use Technology to Streamline the Process

Technology can simplify the interview scheduling process, and scheduling tools can save time. Providing a self-schedule link using the scheduling tool can eliminate the need for constant back-and-forth communication between recruiters and applicants. As a result, recruiters can spend less time scheduling interviews and more time finding the right candidates for the jobs.

Flexibility is Key to Successful Scheduling

Flexibility is important when scheduling interviews, and public sector hiring teams should keep this in mind. Candidates may have other commitments, such as work or personal responsibilities, so offering a range of interview times, including early morning or late afternoon appointments, can help ensure a successful interview.

Attention to Detail is Essential

Attention to detail is critical in the Public Administration industry hiring process, and it applies to scheduling interviews as well. Confirming and reconfirming interview details with candidates is essential to avoid missed appointments and maintain a professional image. Sending a reminder email a few days prior to the interview can help to reduce the no-show interview rate significantly.

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