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With Rakuna's Text Recruiting Software, you can stay ahead of the competition by quickly reaching and engaging with top talent wherever, wherever they are.

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Companies around the world are using Rakuna platform to scale recruiting. Rakuna has got you covered on every front!
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Accelerate Hospitality Talent Recruitment

Accelerate your hiring process in the Hospitality industry with Rakuna's Text Recruiting software. Easily send mass text messages to engage with candidates, enjoy less manual work with more time spent on recruitment.
Rakuna Text Recruiting: Intuitive User Experience

Forge Human Connections in Hospitality Recruitment

Stand out in the Hospitality industry by customizing your text recruitment campaigns with Rakuna's text recruiting software. With the ability to provide a personal touch to every message, recruiters can effectively keep candidates engaged and build meaningful relationships throughout the recruitment process.
Rakuna Text Recruiting: Creating Solid Connections With Candidates

Optimized Hospitality Recruitment Strategy With Detailed Analytics

Empowers the Hospitality industry to optimize text recruitment campaigns with real-time and reliable data analytics. Use intuitive data charts to track performance and make data-driven decisions to improve your recruitment strategies.
Rakuna Text Recruiting : Powerful Analytic Feature

Empower Your Recruiters With Powerful SMS Features

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Supercharge your hiring process with automation! Actively engage with candidates through automated mass and targeted messaging campaigns.

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Track your text recruitment data through auto-generated reports to best measure your text recruitment campaigns.

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Sending and tracking bulk SMS campaigns have never been simpler! Tackle large talent pools by keeping track of all interactions for seamless follow-up among your hiring team.

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Personalize 1-1 text message with Rakuna’s web-based text recruiting platform.

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Maximize back-and-forth communication with top talents and deliver quick responses to urgent questions for the best candidate experience.

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Seamlessly integrated Rakuna Text Recruiting with your existing human resource information systems to easily manage data across-the-board.

Have questions about Rakuna’s Text Recruiting Software?

Check out our detailed FAQs below!

Yes, you can do both. Multiple and preferred numbers are supported as long as they are new and unregistered.

Yes. The limit for 1 SMS credit is 160 characters. This includes normal text and emojis.

Yes. At the moment, Rakuna Text Recruiting Software users can insert emojis and attach links under specific texts.

Yes. Different users can be assigned with separate ‘sent from’ numbers in the system.

Yes. You can directly send and instantly receive SMS messages within the Dashboard without using any phone devices. You can choose “Send now” or “Schedule” to send your text later.

No. You can send and receive SMS messages right on Rakuna Dashboard where all candidate profiles are managed.

As far as customization that SMS text messages allow, “sent-from” numbers can be set to display your organization’s name to your recipients.

Rakuna works with all major Applicant Tracking Systems. For example:
- Workday
- SAP SuccessFactors
- Greenhouse
- Lever
Additionally, we can integrate with any ATS as long as it allows data to be securely pushed/pulled via APIs.
Learn more here: www.rakuna.co/ats_integration/

Rakuna Platform is API-driven. That means the product has been built from day 1 to be integrative - users can plug it into other systems.

Yes. Rakuna supports SSO authentication such as Azure Active Directory and Google SSO. Set-up & maintenance costs may be applied and vary depending on the company's requirements and SSO policy.

5 Tips for Effective Recruiting Texting in the Hospitality Industry

In today's digital age, texting is one of the most effective ways to communicate with potential job seekers in the Hospitality industry. However, using recruiting texting software can optimize your recruitment process, improve communication, and reach a wider audience. In this post, we'll share five tips for using text recruiting software to write effective recruiting texts that will help you attract top talent in the Hospitality industry.

Timing is Everything

Using recruiting texting software can help you schedule and automate your recruiting texts for the most effective timing. Avoid sending texts during odd hours of the day or late at night, as it may cause the recipients to feel annoyed or disinterested. Instead, schedule your SMS during regular business hours or early afternoon when they are more likely to take a break from work. This practice increases the likelihood of your message being read and responded to.

Personalization is Key

Recruiting Texting software can help you personalize your recruiting texts by allowing you to merge candidate information into your messages. Address a candidate by his/her name and mention something specific from the candidate's resume or profile. Personalization makes candidates feel valued, increasing their interest in the position. Additionally, use a conversational tone that is friendly and approachable to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Highlight Benefits

When using texting software for recruiting, emphasize the benefits of the position in your recruiting texts. Make the most out of the available characters per SMS, and remember to highlight perks such as flexible schedules, paid time off, employee discounts, and opportunities for advancement. This makes the positions more appealing to candidates and encourages them to apply.

Streamline Recruitment with Texting Software

Texting software can help streamline the recruitment process and improve communication with potential candidates. The solution can support its users in tracking responses, managing communication more efficiently, and saving time for other critical activities. By utilizing texting software for recruiting, you can engage with candidates in a timely and effective manner.

Have questions about Rakuna’s Text Recruiting Software?

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