Collection of Top 10 Best Interview Invitation Email Samples Every Recruiters Should Learn From



Successful candidate experience is a result of transparent and consistent communication. According to a Career Builder’s survey, 81 percent of candidates reported that continuous updates from employers would improve their experiences significantly.

Today, most recruiters use email templates to keep in touch with their candidates – especially those that the recruiters are interested in during the recruitment process. In this blog, Rakuna is going to share with you the top 10 most time-saving interview invitation email samples that every recruiter should have. Let’s get started!

Sourcing Email Template

If this is the first time you reach out to prospects, you need to be engaging and clear. If they are strong candidates, they are probably shifting through several recruiting messages in their mailboxes. Your goal when sending this email should be to stand out and be direct.

A strong outreach email template is important because it helps you build your applicant pool. You should send this email to individuals you’d like to have as candidates after researching them thoroughly. Review their professional profiles, social media, and personal websites.

Doing extensive research will help you avoid wasting your time and candidates’. Once you’ve identified your prospect, you should send a short and direct message to instigate their interest and engage with them because you don’t have a relationship with the candidate yet.


Subject Line: Job Title at Company X


Hi (Name of the candidate)

I came across your professional profile on (Where you found it). We at (Company Name) are looking to hire an excellent (Job Title). I think your experience is outstanding and a great fit for this job. I’d love to connect and hear more from you.

Would you be available for a phone call on (time/date)? If so, please let me know.


(Your name)

(Email Signature)

Referral Email Template

A successful referral program can help you save a lot of time whilst improving the quality of your hire – two critical recruitment metrics. You should encourage and incentivize employees for their recommendations and communicate with the candidates diligently and regularly.

Making the most out of your employee networks for recruitment can quickly expand your company’s talent pool. Plus, it’s highly likely that your employees know other people who can be your next best employees.


Subject Line: Job Title – Referred to you by (Contact Name)

Hi (Name of the Candidate)

(Contact Name) shared with me your email address. He/she speaks highly of you and your expertise. (Company Name) is looking for a (Job Title). I think you could be a great fit.

Are you free for a quick call on (time/date)?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


(Your name)

(Email Signature)

Pre-screening Interview Rejection

Pre-screening Interview is a great way to weed out those who aren’t a fit ahead of the recruitment process. Send a polite and thoughtful email when rejecting a candidate, even if you haven’t interacted didn’t interact for a long time.

Treating your applicants with respect and courtesy will make them perceive the experience with your organization as positive and share feedback on other platforms. Send the rejection emails immediately after deciding that the candidate(s) won’t be moving forward with the process. You don’t have to give a broad explanation as to why you rejected them.

Template: Pre-screening Interview Rejection

Subject Line: \\[Job Title] Position - Application Status Update

Dear \\[Candidate's Name],

I hope this message finds you well. We appreciate your interest in the \\[Job Title] position at \\[Your Company] and the time you invested in the application process.

After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that your application did not proceed to the next stage. The decision was challenging as we received many qualified applications.

While your skills and experiences are commendable, we found that the competition was steep, and other candidates closely matched the specific criteria we were seeking for this role.

We encourage you to view this as an opportunity for growth. Your \\[mention specific skills or experiences] are valuable, and we believe you will find the right fit elsewhere.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining our team and encourage you to keep an eye on our future openings. Your skills may align perfectly with other opportunities within \\[Your Company].

Thank you again for considering \\[Your Company] as a potential employer. We wish you the very best in your job search and future endeavors.

Best regards,

\\[Your Full Name]

\\[Your Position]

\\[Your Contact Information]

Tips to Customize This Template

  1. Express Appreciation: Begin the email by expressing gratitude for the candidate's interest in the position. Acknowledge their effort and time invested in the application process.
  2. Provide Constructive Feedback: Offer brief and constructive feedback on why the candidate was not selected for further consideration. Highlight specific areas where improvement could be made, focusing on skills or experiences relevant to the role.
  3. Maintain a Positive Tone: Keep the tone of the email positive and encouraging. Emphasize that the decision was a difficult one and that the candidate possesses valuable skills, but there were other factors influencing the selection process.
  4. Encourage Future Applications: Invite the candidate to apply for future opportunities within the company. Mention that the recruitment landscape is dynamic, and their skills may align better with other roles in the future.
  5. Offer Best Wishes: Conclude the email by expressing your best wishes for the candidate's continued success in their job search. Encourage them to persevere and emphasize that their skills and experiences are valuable

Interview Confirmation

Sending an interview confirmation email helps candidates prepare for their interviews. In the email, you should include elements such as time and place, matters that you’ll discuss, and anything a candidate needs to bring or prepare.

Template: Interview Confirmation

Subject Line: Interview Confirmation: \\[Job Title] Position - \\[Your Company]


Dear \\[Candidate's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. We are pleased to inform you that your application for the \\[Job Title] position at \\[Your Company] has been successful, and we would like to invite you for an interview.

Interview Details:

  • Date: \\[Interview Date]
  • Time: \\[Interview Time]
  • Location/Platform: \\[Interview Location/Zoom link]


  • \\[Interviewer 1 Name, Position]
  • \\[Interviewer 2 Name, Position]

We are excited about the opportunity to learn more about your experiences and discuss how your skills align with the requirements of the role. To help you prepare, the interview will primarily focus on \\[mention any specific areas, e.g., technical skills, behavioral competencies].

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your candidacy.

Best regards,

\\[Your Full Name]

\\[Your Position]

\\[Your Contact Information]

Tips to Customize This Template

  1. Clear Subject Line: Use a concise and clear subject line that includes the interview details. For example, "Interview Confirmation: [Job Title] Position - [Your Company]."
  2. Express Enthusiasm: Begin the email by expressing genuine excitement about the upcoming interview. Convey enthusiasm about the candidate's potential contribution to the company.
  3. Provide Essential Details: Clearly outline the logistical details such as date, time, location (if in-person), or virtual meeting instructions. Include the names and positions of interviewers to help the candidate prepare.
  4. Encourage Preparation: Offer information about what the candidate can expect during the interview, such as the format (e.g., behavioral, technical) and any specific documents or materials they should bring.
  5. Offer Contact Information: Provide a point of contact for any questions or concerns. Include your contact details or the details of someone the candidate can reach out to for clarification.

Interview Reminder

You should send the interview reminder around 1 day before the actual interview. It should be short and friendly. Highlight essential information about the interview.

Template: Interview Reminder

Subject Line: Reminder: Interview at \\[Your Company] for \\[Job Title]

Hi \\[Candidate’s Name],

Here are the details of the interview again for your convenience:

  • Date: \\[Interview Date]
  • Time: \\[Interview Time]
  • Duration: \\[Interview Duration]
  • Contact information: \\[Your Contact Information]

Please refer to your interview confirmation email for more details. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out.


\\[Your Name]

\\[Your Email Signature]

Request for Work Samples

Before the interview, you may need to review the candidate’s work samples and even ask them for a unique assignment.

Template: Pre-Interview Work Sample Request

Subject Line: Request for Work Sample - \\[Job Title] Interview at \\[Your Company]

Dear \\[Candidate's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. We appreciate your interest in the \\[Job Title] position at \\[Your Company]. As part of our thorough evaluation process, we would like to request a work sample from you prior to your upcoming interview.

Purpose: This work sample will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and offer us additional insights into your capabilities related to the \\[Job Title] role.

Expectations: Please find the details below regarding the work sample:

  • Format: \\[Specify the format, e.g., document, presentation, code sample]
  • Scope: \\[Provide details on what is expected]
  • Submission Deadline: \\[Specify the deadline]
  • Instructions: \\[Include any specific guidelines or instructions]

Confidentiality: We want to assure you that the work sample will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purpose of our hiring process.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and are confident that your work sample will provide valuable insights into your suitability for the role. We look forward to discussing it further during your upcoming interview.

If you have any questions or require clarification, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and we look forward to reviewing your work.

Best regards,

\\[Your Full Name]

\\[Your Position]

\\[Your Contact Information]

Tips to Customize This Template

  1. Clear Introduction: Begin the email with a clear introduction, expressing appreciation for the candidate's interest in the position. Briefly mention the upcoming interview and the purpose of the work sample.
  2. Explain the Purpose: Clearly explain the reason for requesting a work sample. Highlight that it's an opportunity for the candidate to showcase their skills and provide additional insights into their abilities relevant to the role.
  3. Set Expectations: Clearly outline the expectations regarding the format, scope, and submission deadline for the work sample. Provide any specific instructions or guidelines to ensure the candidate understands what is required.
  4. Emphasize Confidentiality: Reassure the candidate that the work sample will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purpose of the hiring process. Address any concerns they may have about sharing their work.
  5. Express Gratitude: Conclude the email by expressing gratitude for the candidate's cooperation and enthusiasm. Reiterate your excitement about the upcoming interview and mention that you are looking forward to reviewing their work sample.

Positive Interview

There’s nothing as dispiriting to a candidate as silence after an interview. After a good interview, it’s always a nice idea to send a positive follow-up message to maintain momentum and keep them interested.

Template: Positive Follow-Up After Interview

Subject Line: Thank You for Your Interview - \[Job Title] Position

Dear \[Candidate's Name],

On behalf of everyone at \[Your Company]. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to interview you for the \[Job Title] position. It was truly a pleasure to learn more about your experiences and skills.

Your \[mention specific skills or experiences] particularly stood out during the interview, and it's clear that your expertise aligns seamlessly with what we are seeking for this role. We are excited about the possibility of you joining our team.

Next Steps: We are currently in the process of evaluating all candidates, and we aim to make a decision by \[mention expected timeline]. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

If you have any questions or need further information in the meantime, please feel free to reach out. We value your interest in \[Your Company] and appreciate the effort you've put into the interview process.

Once again, thank you for your time and enthusiasm. We look forward to the possibility of working together.

Best regards,

\[Your Full Name]

\[Your Position]

\[Your Contact Information]

Tips to Customize This Template

  1. Express Appreciation: Begin your follow-up message by expressing sincere gratitude for the candidate's time and participation in the interview. Acknowledge their effort and reiterate your appreciation for their interest in the position.
  1. Highlight Positive Aspects: Mention specific positive aspects of the interview. Highlight any particularly strong responses or moments that stood out. This not only shows your attentiveness but also reinforces the candidate's confidence in their performance.
  1. Reiterate Interest: Clearly communicate the continued interest in the candidate. Let them know that you are excited about the possibility of working together and that their skills and experiences align well with the requirements of the role.
  1. Set Expectations for Next Steps: Provide information on the next steps in the hiring process. If there's a specific timeline for decisions, mention it. This helps manage expectations and keeps the candidate informed about what to expect in the coming days or weeks.
  1. Open the Door for Questions: Encourage the candidate to reach out if they have any questions or need further clarification. This open communication reinforces a positive candidate experience and demonstrates your commitment to transparency.

OK Interview

This is an email sent to a candidate who doesn’t perform so well during the interview but you aren’t ready to let him/her go.


Subject line: Thank you

Email body:

Hi (Candidate),

Thank you for spending your time with us. We learned a lot about you and your background.

However, we are still in progress with other candidates' interviews to ensure equality for everyone. We’ll reach out to you with an update about our decision in a few days/weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


(Your name)

(Email Signature)


If a candidate has taken his/her time to sit down for an interview, it’s always good to send a rejection letter when you decide not to move forward with him/her. They might not be the best fit at the moment; however, you need to stay in their good graces.


Subject line: Your Application at (Company)

Email body:

Hello (Candidate Name),

Thank you for your interest in the (Job Title) in (Company Name). We appreciate the chance to meet and learn about your professional background. However, I regret to inform you that we won’t be moving forward with your candidacy for this role at this time. Nonetheless, we’ll save your information and reach out to you when another opportunity arises.


(Your name)

(Email Signature)

Job Offer

The job offer is the last piece of information a candidate receives before they decide on whether to accept or reject your offer. You need to infuse the email with positive energy.


Subject Line: Offer from (Company)

Email body:

Dear (Candidate)

Congratulations! We are delighted to offer you the position of (Job Title) at (Company).


You’ll work with (name) on the (department) team. Your first day of work will be (date) at (job location). As we discussed, this is a (part-time/full time) position with a salary of (amount). You will find the formal offer with detailed information in the attachment.

If you’d like to accept this offer, please sign the copy letter by (expiration date). Once we hear from you, we’ll send you a formal contract of employment.

Yours sincerely,



The best interview invitation email samples save recruiters a lot of time and energy because recruiters have to communicate with many candidates regularly. Always remember to personalize your interview invitation emails to keep your candidates feel respected.


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