Understand How Gen Z Candidates Talent Seeks Employment

Born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, Gen Z candidates approach the job search process in a way that distinguishes them from their predecessors. To successfully attract and retain Gen Z talent, employers need to adapt their recruitment strategies.

Below is a quick summary of key knowledge vital to Gen Z recruitment, also available in detail in Rakuna’s Guide to Effective Gen Z Recruiting.

Preferred Job Search Methods

When it comes to job hunting, Gen Z has distinct preferences. They highly value hiring events, such as career fairs and job expos, making it imperative for employers to actively participate in such events.

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Gen Z candidates also tend to utilize resources like college career centers, job boards, and an organization’s website. To successfully attract this generation, maintain strong relationships with college career offices and be present at these career-building events. Being visible in the spaces where Gen Z candidates are looking for opportunities is key.

Suggestion for Recruiters: To reach Gen Z effectively, consider doing some research on what job boards candidates or their university’s career center frequently visit to actively promote your positions there.

Don’t forget to showcase your company culture when engaging with students at career fairs. Optimize your organization’s website to be mobile-friendly and provide a seamless application process.

Personal Connection Matters for Gen Z Candidates

For Gen Z, the relationship with recruiters is pivotal in their job search. According to research from Qualigence International, Gen Z candidates consider their interactions with recruiters to be a decisive factor in accepting a job offer. This highlights the need for recruiters to streamline their recruitment processes and invest time in building more meaningful and personal relationships with candidates. These young candidates value authenticity and transparency in their interactions, so maintaining open lines of communication and treating each candidate as an individual is paramount.

Get ready for an exciting NACE Conference & Expo

Suggestion for Recruiters: Recruiters should prioritize relationship-building when recruiting young talent. Create personalized, engaging communication throughout the recruitment process whether through emails or social media channels.

You can consider sharing your contact with prospective candidates to be available as much as possible throughout their recruitment process. Keep candidates informed at each stage, set clear expectations, and address their questions promptly. Transparency and open communication are vital in building trust with this generation.

Embrace Technology and Social Media

Get ready for an exciting NACE Conference & Expo

(Briggs, Gen Z is extremely online 2023)

In today’s digital age, overlooking social media and technology in the recruitment process is a missed opportunity when it comes to attracting Gen Z candidates. This generation is not just tech-savvy; they practically breathe technology. Employers should embrace social media platforms and digital tools to connect with Gen Z job seekers and create a seamless and engaging recruitment experience. Sharing compelling and relevant content on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can help build brand awareness and attract top Gen Z talent.

Suggestion for Recruiters: Share not just job postings, but also content that showcases your company culture, values, and mission. Use storytelling to connect with this generation on a more personal level. Consider investing in targeted social media advertising to reach a wider Gen Z audience. Keep your digital platforms up-to-date and responsive to inquiries and applications. Recruiters can also consider adopting recruitment solutions to support optimize & automate their recruitment process, such as Rakuna’s Interview Scheduling Software.

To Conclude

Before you can start recruiting Gen Z talent effectively, you and your recruitment team must first understand how Gen Z seeks employment. Preferred job search methods, building personal connections, and embracing technology and social media are all critical aspects to consider. By aligning your recruitment strategies with the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z, your company can position itself as an attractive employer, ready to welcome the bright, young talent of this generation.

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