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Own Your Talent Pool For A Rich Pipeline

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Faster Talent Sourcing 00000000

Effortlessly build a pipeline of active and passive prospects and proactively source talents

Recruit A More Diverse Workforce

Build an authentic and high-functioning workforce with prospects of different backgrounds and experiences

Stronger Employer Branding 00000

Always stay at the top of prospects’ minds by keeping up-to-date on company news and relevant career opportunities

Key Features

optimize interview management

Branded Landing Page

Effortlessly build an optimized talent network page with your customized branding

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Prospect Collection Form

Easily collect your interested prospects’ information with customized forms even when you have no matching vacancies for them

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Access Prospect Profile

Search and view each prospect's essential information, past evaluation, and historical interactions between your company and each prospect

optimize interview management

Automate Prospect Communication

Integrate with Recruiting CRM solution to deliver timely and personal communication to keep your prospects engaged

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Gain Visibility Into Prospect Pipeline

See every point of the prospect lifecycle to monitor hiring growth, measure success, and convert prospects to applicants

Schedule Appointments in Bulk

Export Data

Export prospect data to ATS or Excel to avoid duplicated tasks with synced-up data across multiple platforms

Keep Interested Prospects
Engaged With Your Talent Community

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