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Top 3 Best Free Interview Scheduling Software

July 19, 2020

In this blog, we are going to provide you with 3 best free interview scheduling software that you can apply to your business to save your valuable time and better your hiring process....

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High Volume Recruiting: 11 Best Practices To Ace The Campaign.

July 1, 2020

Having a lot of positions to fill? Here's everything you need to know about high volume recruiting, from the basics to the best practices....

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The Essential Remote Recruiting Guide For Employers

March 26, 2020

Remote working will translate to remote recruiting. Recruiting teams should be capable of keeping up with the current state of workforce and plan for future recruiting challenges. Follow Rakuna's Guide to engage top talents remotely and achieve your business goals...

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Creative Recruitment: 06 Essential Strategies & Case Studies

December 9, 2019

The way we recruit has changed a lot. It's a candidate-driven market out there. Companies are competing to capture the potential candidates’ attention. So if you’re looking for applicants, it’s time to be creative with your recruiting campaigns....

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Top 9 Essential Career Fair Statistics and Metrics To Measure and Monitor

August 31, 2019

Career fair statistics are necessary tools to evaluate an event's performance and optimize it. Understanding these statistics can help you improve your campus recruitment strategy....

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How To Develop A Career Fair Communication Strategy

August 23, 2019

Timely post-career fair communication can guarantee positive candidate experience and give you an upper hand in winning top talents. Understanding this, we have gathered the following tactics to help you maintain candidate excitement and engagement....

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How To Easily Write An Applicant Rejection Letter: Cannot-Miss Tips For Recruiters

July 16, 2019

Many recruiters fail to notice how to write a rejection letter when they want to create the positive companies' images in the eyes of future candidates. Thus, we would like to share with you the guide for creating a good rejection letter...

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Interview Invitation Email Sample: Essential tips to win top talents

May 29, 2019

An effective interview invitation email can save time and improve candidate experience. Check out these 05 simple yet effective interview invitation email samples....

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[Updated] Top 11 Candidate Assessment Methods for Recruiters

October 19, 2018

Selecting the right candidate assessment methods will make you become better recruiter. By considering these top 11 methods, you’ll find a wide range of approaches to help you evaluate your candidates comprehensively and systematically....