Amplify Social Media Recruiting for SMBs with Rakuna Recruiting CRM

Empower SMB recruiters to effectively engage with potential talent and gain insights on the candidate journey through Rakuna's Recruiting CRM.

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Rakuna Text Recruiting: Overcharge the Communication Strategy

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Deliver a Transparent Candidate Recruitment Journey
Master candidate engagement with Recruiting CRM! Gain clear visibility into candidate progress, leverage analytics to optimize interactions, and proactively attract the best fit talents more efficiently.
Effective Prospective Candidate Management for SMBs
Streamline candidate information management with Rakuna's Recruiting CRM. Customize requirements for efficient SMB talent categorization. Rapidly connect with top talent through speed sourcing and invest more time fostering meaningful relationships.
Develop Stronger Connections with SMB Professionals
Revamp SMB businesses' recruitment process with a human touch. Deliver a personalized candidate experience with Rakuna Recruiting CRM through proactive and tailored communication.
Empower Your Recruiters With Powerful CRM Features
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View each candidate's full information, past evaluation, and historical interactions with your recruiting team.
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Free up more time for your recruiting team. Actively engage with candidates with custom-built SMS and Email campaigns.
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Start building your unified recruitment platform! Transmit candidate data into ATS or export to Excel for further data analysis.
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Customize talent pools for better lead management and targeted campaigns. Easily sort candidates into streamlined pipelines with tags and filters.
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Connect your team on a singular platform. Start sharing tasks, creating notes, and collaborating with members and managers.
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See every point of the candidate lifecycle to monitor hiring growth and measure hiring effectiveness.

Streamline Social Media Recruiting with Time-Saving Recruiting CRM

Discover how leveraging a Recruiting CRM in social media recruiting can revolutionize the hiring process for SMB business recruiters.

Gain Comprehensive Visibility into the Candidate Pipeline

For multi-stage social media recruiting strategies, a clear view of the candidate pipeline is a must. A Recruiting CRM empowers small-to-medium business (SMB) recruiters with the ability to track every stage of the candidate lifecycle, providing valuable insights to monitor hiring growth and convert prospects into applicants. Recruiters can easily access data on candidate interactions, view past interactions, and identify areas for improvement in their recruitment efforts.

Amplify Candidate Engagement with Personalized Social Media Campaigns

Effective candidate engagement is crucial in social media recruiting. A powerful Recruiting CRM enables recruiters to leverage social media platforms for personalized engagement. Recruiters can create targeted communication campaigns that align with the interests and preferences of each social media channel. By tailoring messaging, content, and visuals to specific talent pools, recruiters can effectively attract and engage the right candidates.

Enhance Collaboration with Real-Time Social Media Insights

Successful social media recruiting requires collaboration and real-time insights. An efficient Recruiting CRM offers features that facilitate collaboration among SMBs recruiters and harness real-time social media data. Recruiters can share social media insights, trends, and candidate information with team members and managers in real-time. This collaborative approach ensures everyone is aligned and able to make prompt, data-driven decisions.

Enhance Leads Management in Social Media Recruiting

Managing leads from various social media platforms can be challenging without the right tools. A Recruiting CRM designed for social media recruiting can consolidate candidate data and interactions into a centralized platform. This integration enables recruiters to efficiently manage leads, easily access candidate information, and track interactions across multiple platforms. With a comprehensive view of candidate activities, recruiters can prioritize their efforts and engage with the most promising leads.

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