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Seamlessly track candidate recruitment journey and foster solid connections with potential job prospects with Rakuna's Recruiting CRM for the Retail Industry.

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Rakuna Text Recruiting: Overcharge the Communication Strategy

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Transparent Candidate Journey for Recruitment Success
Rakuna's Recruiting CRM ensures you're in sync with candidates' recruitment journey. Analyze past interactions for critical insights and engage top talents proactively, optimizing your recruitment process for an enhanced Retail Industry hiring experience.
Smart Candidate Organization for Efficient Hiring
Enhance your Retail recruitment strategy with Recruiting CRM. Optimize candidate organization & management for the fast-paced Retail sector. Boost top talent identification, and communication with speed-sourcing and smart categorization.
Elevate Candidate Connections with Personalization
Humanize Retail recruitment with Recruiting CRM. Foster engagement through personalized interactions and custom email campaigns. Develop strong rapports with passive candidates preemptively to make high-quality job placements.
Empower Your Recruiters With Powerful Campus & Event Recruitment Features
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Eliminate the need for manual data entry with AI-enabled OCR snapshot Technology, which helps to capture and parse all candidates' information instantly.
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Manage your candidates with easy-to-use searching and filtering functions in real-time for optimal evaluation.
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Whether you recruit from in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, Rakuna's campus & event solution suite has you covered for all types of events.
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Strategize with your team and manage your events, documents, staff, and attendees in one centralized space that encourages seamless collaboration.
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Prepare your recruiting team for any situation. Capture candidates' data and evaluation anywhere, anytime. Evaluate, and collect data, even without the Internet.
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Candidate evaluation forms are totally customizable, allowing you to standardize your staff's interactions and collect additional candidates' data.
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Create the ultimate candidate experience and keep your leads engaged by setting up automated post-event touchpoints.
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Use our metrics reporting tools to collect valuable candidates' feedback and track your ROI with comprehensive and meaningful visuals.

Have questions about Rakuna’s Campus & Event Recruiting Solutions?

Check out our detailed FAQs below!

Rakuna Recruit mobile app is now available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Users can deploy the app on iOS and Android devices.

Rakuna’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which is AI-based and specifically designed for recruiting, automatically parses the following information from paper resumes:
- Full Name (required)
- Email (required)
- School / Institution (if applicable)
- Major (if applicable)
- GPA (if applicable)
- Graduation date (if applicable)
In case of low-quality snapshots, our team of Event Operators will assist the process and notify customers of unidentified candidates via email.

Rakuna’s OCR has constantly been parsing resumes with over 99% accuracy rates, given the snapshots are taken in decent conditions by Mobile App users.

Snapshots are handled in batch, and processing time may vary depending on the quantity, image quality, etc. But the parsing job has always been completed shortly after an event is over. Therefore, when your team returns to your office, all the snapshots should have been processed and ready to view.

Yes. When no Internet is available, you can still capture candidate information and evaluation. The app will store the data locally. Once you have a WiFi/Data connection, you can click the “cloud” symbol in the “My Candidates” screen to sync and upload all data to the cloud.
See detailed instructions at our Knowledge Base.

Yes. You can create customized candidate evaluation forms and specifically assign them to each event.

Rakuna Recruit includes a ‘manual input’ option so you can let candidates enter their names and contact information so that you can reach out for an electronic version of their resumes after the event! Want to process candidates even faster? Use our ‘Kiosk mode.’ Candidates can fill in the most basic information for your team to reach out to post events.
Users can put kiosk mode in a 'lock state.’ Without your authentication, candidates will not be able to access other parts of the Event Recruit App, keeping your data strictly confidential.

Crafting Personalized Retail Recruitment Journeys for Positive Candidate Experience

Explore how to create personalized retail recruitment experience that, positively influence a candidate's perception and willingness to join.

Understand Candidates' Aspirations

To craft a successful personalized retail recruiting experience, recruiters should first understand candidates' individual aspirations. This goes beyond merely evaluating skills and qualifications; it involves delving into their long-term career goals, motivations, and values. A Recruiting CRM can help you create custimized pools of like-minded candidates for outreach campaigns with personalized information and messages that resonate with each group.

Showcase Company Culture

Beyond job descriptions, retail recruiters should provide potential candidates with in-depth insights into the work environment, core values, and the company culture. Convey the organization's mission, vision, and how it operates daily helps candidates envision their potential fit within the organization. Include these aspects for your Recruiting CRM outreach campaigns to create personalized experience.

Facilitate Continuous Engagement

Beyond initial interactions, a Recruiting CRM enables ongoing engagement. Automated reminders and follow-ups ensure that candidates are kept in the loop throughout the hiring process. Moreover, it allows for proactive communication, such as notifying candidates about new job openings or relevant industry insights. This continuous engagement builds a strong rapport and keeps top talent interested in your brand.

Timely Communication and Feedback

Transparent, timely, and informative communication is a cornerstone of effective candidate engagement. This includes keeping candidates updated on application statuse, promptly responding to their inquiries, and offering constructive feedback. An advanced Recruiting CRM, such as Rakuna's, empowers recruiters by providing access to past evaluations and historical interactions with the recruiting team. A Recruiting CRM minimizes the potential for miscommunication between your team and candidates.

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