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Rakuna Text Recruiting: Overcharge the Communication Strategy

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Strengthen Transparency in the SMB Hiring Process.
Gain a competitive edge with Rakuna's Recruiting CRM. Stay informed of candidates' recruitment journeys and execute your talent communication strategies with insights from candidates' past interactions.
Intelligent SMB Talent Database Administration
Rakuna's Recruitment CRM enables efficient management of SMB candidate databases. Effortlessly create talent pools with custom criteria for enhanced communication. Efficiently spot and connect with prospective talent and allocate more time to foster meaningful connections.
Nurture Solid Connections With SMB Prospects
Enhance talent acquisition capabilities for SMB recruiting teams with Rakuna's Recruiting CRM. Implement tailored and attentive email campaigns for exceptional candidate experiences and ready talent pipelines.
Empower Your Recruiters With Powerful CRM Features
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View each candidate's full information, past evaluation, and historical interactions with your recruiting team.
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Free up more time for your recruiting team. Actively engage with candidates with custom-built SMS and Email campaigns.
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Start building your unified recruitment platform! Transmit candidate data into ATS or export to Excel for further data analysis.
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Customize talent pools for better lead management and targeted campaigns. Easily sort candidates into streamlined pipelines with tags and filters.
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Connect your team on a singular platform. Start sharing tasks, creating notes, and collaborating with members and managers.
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See every point of the candidate lifecycle to monitor hiring growth and measure hiring effectiveness.

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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical solution for any modern recruiting team looking to source and nurture suitable candidates before actively engaging with them in the recruitment process.A Recruiting CRM is the go-to option when you want to extend your talent pipeline. The solution sources candidates ahead of demand and creates talent pools surrounding a set of parameters decided by users.The core mission of a recruiting CRM is to improve candidate experience and engagement. Recruiters have multiple options to communicate with candidates. You can execute a targeted email campaign or SMS message to nurture leads and improve later campaigns using actionable insights from data analytics.

A CRM is designed for the pre-application phase, where it nurtures your candidate engagement, attracting passive candidates ahead of demand to turn potential candidates into applicants. It is a logical folder of all active and passive candidates and previous applicants already in the system.
An applicant tracking system enhances what comes after - the hiring process. An ATS processes applicants through a recruiting workflow.

A Recruiting CRM's primary mission is to foster and maintain strong relationships between prospective candidates and recruiters. Having a vetted pool of eager candidates ready to become applicants can be a major boost to any recruiting program. Organizations can use Recruiting CRM to build talent pools by different parameters, nurturing candidate relationships through automated and targeted email or SMS campaigns, attracting prospects to join your talent community even when they are not applying for any specific positions.

You can book a demo with us via and we will help you set up an account and discuss the next steps.

Rakuna CRM's dynamic tags and filters systems enable organizations to build and manage their talent pools based on specific requirements. Whether by school, major, job background, skills, and more - all made possible with our tagging and talent pool features.

Rakuna handles CAN-SPAM and other regulations around email sending by helping your organization set up Domain Authentication. Emails without Domain Authentication are more likely to be marked as spam as email providers can not be sure that the emails are from you. With Domain Authentication, you will explicitly state that the email comes from you. Domain Authentication significantly increases your reputation and makes your email less likely to be filtered in the spam inbox.

An email sequence works based on predetermined timing that each individual touchpoint of the email chain is scheduled to send out one after another.
With Rakuna CRM, you can also specify the preferred time zone for the email sequence, along with the precise date and time of each individual touchpoint.

Personalization Matters: Recruiting Marketing for SMBs

Discover the impact of personalized recruiting marketing strategies for SMBs and how a Recruiting CRM can assist.

Enhancing Candidate Engagement through Segmentation

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, personalized recruiting marketing has emerged as a game-changer for SMBs. By tailoring your messaging to resonate with individual candidates, you can capture their attention and stand out from the crowd. A robust Recruiting CRM empowers recruiters to segment candidate pools based on various criteria such as skills, experience, and preferences. This segmentation enables recruiters to create highly targeted campaigns that address specific candidate needs and interests. By delivering customized content and experiences, SMBs can enhance candidate engagement and increase the likelihood of attracting best-fit talent.

Nurturing Meaningful Connections through Personalized Communication

Effective recruiting marketing goes beyond simply capturing candidates' attention. It aims to establish meaningful connections that resonate with potential hires on a personal level. With the assistance of a Recruiting CRM, SMBs can create tailored messages that go beyond generic job descriptions. By understanding candidates' career goals, aspirations, and values, recruiters can craft personalized communications that highlight how their organization can be a perfect fit. When engaging in conversations that address individual needs and motivations, SMBs can foster a sense of trust and authenticity, ultimately attracting suitable talent.

Delivering Memorable Candidate Experiences

In today's candidate-driven market, it's crucial to create memorable experiences. A Recruiting CRM empowers SMBs to go beyond traditional methods and deliver personalized experiences throughout the recruitment journey. From customized email nurturing sequences to tailored interview invitation or thank you messages, every touchpoint can be optimized to resonate with candidates. By demonstrating that you understand their individual needs and aspirations, you differentiate your SMB from competitors and create a positive candidate experience. These personalized interactions build trust and increase the likelihood of candidates accepting job offers.

The Power of Data-Driven Personalization

Recruiting marketing becomes even more potent when combined with data-driven insights. A Recruiting CRM allows SMBs to gather and analyze valuable candidate data, such as engagement metrics like open and reply rates, preferences, and feedback from past interactions. This data enables recruiters to continuously refine and optimize their personalization strategies. By leveraging these insights, SMBs can identify trends, preferences, and pain points, enabling them to tailor their messaging and experiences further. This iterative approach enhances the effectiveness of recruiting marketing efforts and increases the chances of attracting and retaining top talent.

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