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Event Management Solution

One single hub for all recruiting events

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Manage Recruiting Events

Plan your event. Integrate all your data in Rakuna’s event repository.We make it simple to so you can manage events and materials, have a quick converse with staff, and follow up with attendees all in one place.

Manage Your Team

Create a central space where you can communicate with and encourage team members, staff, and volunteers for your event. Make your goals cohesive and convenient your strategy clear.

Click Through Data

Enjoy clear and structured information with our dashboard system.

Look through data on post-event attendance, staff duties, candidate review, and more.



Schedule Event Management
Manage your event, documents, staff, and attendees on one streamlined platform


Easy Use with Mobile App
Facilitates on-site attendee management to capture and update leads on-the-go


Manage Event Staffing
Standardize your staff’s interactions with accessible forms and questionnaires


Event ROI Report
Download our app and and swipe through your candidates in seconds


Google Calendar Integration
Engage with your staff and attendees by easily adding events to your Google account


Fast Track Top Candidates
Follow up with your top choices quickly and customize your offer to their interests


Virtual Event Support
Host virtual event by including a webinar link to the event and collect prospects’ information virtually via the Pre-event Registration Link

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Brea Fritsche
The app is very easy to use and
Brea Fritsche
RSM - HR Director