How to Leverage Rakuna for Virtual Recruiting During Covid-19?

Dear valued customers,

The Covid-19 outbreak has become one of the biggest disruptors to the world in this century. We are seeing a global pandemic that is affecting billions of lives in many ways. We know Covid-19 has changed our lives into the unforeseeable future and probably messed up your business's recruiting goals and plans.

As the situation surrounding Covid-19 continues to evolve, I want to assure you that Rakuna is here to support you. Our mission is to help companies hire the next wave of talents with advanced technology, and you can count on us to continue doing our best to help you achieve your recruiting goals.

Even though you might have been using Rakuna mostly on campus or at in-person events, we would like to share with you a few tips for your team to implement during this time of restricted traveling:

  1. Host virtual events using Rakuna's Pre-event registration feature

    If you can no longer travel to attend offline recruiting events, you can host virtual events and utilize Rakuna's Pre-event registration feature to promote your events and collect candidates' resumes. If you have an existing web conference service, this creative workaround might be helpful for you. Rakuna allows you to embed your event calendar on your company's website, and with social media integration, you can easily promote these virtual events to your prospective candidates. Once candidates pre-register via the feature, they will have the ability to upload their resumes in advance, so you will be able to collect and review their credentials.

    Some of our clients have effectively hosted info sessions, Q&As, and employee panels virtually and collected attendees' information using this pre-event registration feature successfully. If you have not, give it a try!

  2. Strengthen relationships with candidates by utilizing email and SMS campaigns

    If you have not utilized our email messaging and SMS recruiting tools, you might want to take a closer look at them now. Spending time to review prospects in your Rakuna database, filter candidate segmentation and send them personalized outreach via email or SMS during this time may help you get ahead of your competition and win your candidates' hearts.

  3. Make use of Rakuna's recruiter resources

Our marketing team has also put together some useful resources to help you navigate this challenging time. Check out our latest blog posts:

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If you are unsure about how to use our Virtual Recruiting features, get in touch with our team today via or chat with us online to see how we can help you stay on track with your recruiting plan.

I would like to end this long email with a personal note. I and the Rakuna team really appreciate the opportunity to be your technology partner, and we wish you, your loved ones, and your team good health in the months to come.

Stay safe!

Best regards,
Trong Dong
CEO & Co-founder