10 Key Considerations Before Finding the Best Text Recruiting Platform



Hiring could be costly, especially if you want the best applicants.

According to a 2022 article from Investopedia, even with the most basic recruiting cost such as advertising the opening, the time cost of an internal recruiter, the time cost to resumes and performing other recruitment-related tasks, the time cost of conducting the interviews, a company can cost up to $3,500 in turnover costs.

Text message hiring can save time and improve your engagement with applicants and the communication process. In the US 2022 Messaging Engagement Report by Sendgrid, out of 4800 respondents, 48% considered SMS the country’s second most popular communication method.

Benefits of Using Text Hiring Platforms

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For recruiters and coordinators who are new to SMS recruiting, the benefits of a dedicated text recruiting solution might seem limited at first. Here are some of the most impactful benefits this tool can bring to your team:

Convenience and instant access to prospective candidates

With text hiring, you can set up the process anytime and anywhere. Potential applicants are engaged instantly the moment they receive your message. It is easier for you to pick up a hiring conversation with an applicant via text.

As a result, job seekers can reply immediately with SMS without difficulty. The application process is something anyone can do on the go.

More flexible and effective

You don’t have to construct marketing emails, plan endlessly for social media tactics, or make long phone calls with the SMS messaging tactic. People who want an effective system of reaching out to job applicants can use this system. You can provide applicants with the latest updates via text. The one-on-one engagement with applicants is easier with text if you have the right technology.

Increase Candidate Engagement

We know how it feels when people abandon their shopping carts. During recruitment, SMS messaging reduces the number of applicants who abandon the application process. Out of the 195,000 responses in the 2019 North America Candidate Experience Report, candidates who were communicated by text messages rated their experience 50% more than those that did not.

This means you can reach out to applicants who did not complete a job application!

Keep applicants engaged

We all know that applicants are chasing other jobs. However, you can keep them engaged with SMS. They don’t have to open their emails or social media handles to see your messages. Instead, you will be within reach through your SMS.

As a result, text recruitment platforms can be your best job plug. Here are some text message samples to get you started.

Protection of personal privacy

The reason why businesses use text recruiting platforms for their hiring is the protection of their privacy. Anyone can use their mobile device to send SMS to applicants. However, without careful consideration and explicit confirmation from the candidate, sending unsolicited SMSs or using information unlawfully obtained can land your recruiting team or organization a fine from multiple existing commercial SMS regulations.

How to select the best text recruiting platform?

Top talents receive job offers from a text recruiting tool

Top talents receive job offers from a text recruiting tool

Since you know the benefits of using a text recruiting company, here is a guideline on how you can select the right text recruiting tool for your needs. Here is what you should consider when picking any of these platforms:

  1. Your Recruiting Process: Before you start searching for a text recruiting tool, sit down with your team to review your recruiting process and identify the drawbacks that a text recruiting tool can solve. Knowing the weaknesses of your recruiting approach and what you need can help the team pinpoint the necessary features your solution should have.
  2. SMS Features: Now that you know what you need, You can search for platforms with features that fit your needs. However, these features should not leave the platform challenging to navigate: Check if the features are necessary for your use. Consider value-added features that enhance your recruiting process. Check for user reviews on sites like G2 or Capterra.
  3. Adaptability: Also known under the term"Technology agnostic." You will want your text recruiting tool to be able to adapt and integrate with your existing HRIS system.

Do you know that up to 71% of 2000 US managers prioritize their employees' ability to adapt to digital transformation? Reviewing for adaptability also means inspecting your team's personal skills to adapt to the new text recruiting solution.

  1. Full Funnel or Stand-alone Product: During your search, you will eventually run into two types of text recruitment solutions:

Stand-alone products: These tools will help you manage and execute a text campaign without breaking a sweat. API integration is a common way to connect these tools to your existing HRIS solutions. Ask your vendor! Full-funnel solutions: This is when your chosen Text Recruiting Tool is part of an extensive ecosystem of recruitment solutions. Your SMS tool is finetuned to work with other features on this platform.

For example, iCIMS's SMS solution comes integrated with their AI Digital Assistant.

The latter is usually more expensive. However, with its additional features, a completed platform can help recruiters new to SMS recruiting establish a talent pipeline with text messaging in mind.

If you like a specific tool in a full-funnel platform, be assured that most SMS tools in 2022, like Rakuna's Text Recruiting, have been designed to work flawlessly as part of a platform or a stand-alone product.

Recruiter should use a text recruiting platform to follow commercial SMS laws

Recruiter should use a text recruiting platform to follow commercial SMS laws
  1. Your Country’s SMS Legal System: Remember that each country has its own legal systems when it comes to collecting information like phone numbers, sending commercial SMS, and opting out. The most important ones are:

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for The US

The General Data Protection Regulations for EU countries. Read more on these sets of laws in our detailed SMS regulation guide.

  1. Ease of Use: Getting the most out of your text recruiting software is impossible if it is hard to use. So join a demo or get in a trial period and start testing elements like visual interface, responsiveness, available training materials, and handy features.
  2. Personalized Automation: If there is something that makes text messaging for recruitment easier, it is customizing your campaign automation features. Be on the lookout for abilities like template creation, message scheduling, or receiving notifications when your message has been opened or answered. You are looking for features that help measure and improve a campaign’s effectiveness to a specific talent pool.
  3. Data Management: A good text recruiting tool should be able to manage your data securely and efficiently. In most solutions, you can find your data compiled in a dashboard. Before making your purchase decision, see how the solution organizes your data, and if the solution can handle the scale of your recruitment operation.
  4. Customized Reporting: When it comes to text recruiting platforms, they should help you create a customized or canned reporting system. Remember to check what type of data your solution can pull from a campaign and compile it into a report.
  5. Future Support: While searching for a text messaging platform for your hiring process, make sure that you can still migrate existing data effortlessly even when the platform ends its service with you. Also, check what other types of support and the support level you can expect from your vendor.


Have you considered using a text recruiting platform? Obviously, we have many platforms on the market. This can make it daunting for some businesses that do not want to waste time with their recruitment process.

It is always wise to start your text recruitment process with a pre-defined strategy. Finally, consider the reputation of the platform, ease of use, technology support, and features available before you choose a platform.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist and content writer for Affinda.com. Lori creates news and informative articles about HR, recruiting, and employee productivity. You can find her on LinkedIn.