Rakuna Announces Official Launch

Rakuna Announces Official Launch

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Rakuna, a groundbreaking campus and event recruiting solution helping HR managers streamline their hiring processes, announced its public launch today. The announcement comes less than a year after the company began operations following a breakout performance at the 2015 Minnesota Cup, the largest statewide startup competition in the country. The company has received glowing endorsements and reviews from clients such as the MassMutual Financial Group and IXL Learning, indicating that the time to take their platform to the next level is now.


“Rakuna addresses one of the biggest issues in present day recruiting: the disconnect between offline and online recruiting experiences,” says Rakuna CEO Trong Dong. “The success of the Rakuna platform to date allows us to prepare for future build-outs, and to offer up the platform to our users for exploration.”

“With Rakuna we’ve been able to get students through the application process a lot quicker,” says Lisa Herz, recruiting lead at IXL Learning. “Which has resulted in us being able to get offers out much faster and helps us compete against other larger companies.

Rakuna offers a complete suite of services for campus recruiters looking to streamline their operations and boost efficiency. The services include the app, the dashboard, event management and resources.

  • Rakuna App: The mobile app allows for Instant Candidate Resume Capture, allowing recruiters to manage and retrieve data in seconds and qualify candidates in real time at career fairs and on-campus recruiting events. The app also features round-the-clock online and offline support.
  • Rakuna Dashboard: The dashboard features a streamlined candidate database that also serves as a collaborative workspace for recruiting teams. Recruiters can extract resumes and data at will, and use the dashboard to create ROI reports for each recruiting event.
  • Event Management: Recruiters can use the app and the dashboard in tandem to schedule and manage campus recruiting events, integrate events into Google Calendar, and manage staffing. Rakuna’s software solutions help generate ROI reports on events, and fast-track qualified candidates easily and quickly.

“From the résumé to the search to the interview, we’re moving toward a digital hiring model,” Bob Myhal, director of digital marketing at CBC Advertising and former CEO of NextHire, told Business New Daily in a recent interview. “Résumés will be displaced by constantly evolving representations of individual experiences, skills and aptitudes that exist purely in the digital realm. Innovative tools that use social media, big data and other technologies to give tremendous insight into individual job seekers will [be] the primary screening method.”

The public launch gives users the chance to take a full tour of the software application without guidance from the sales team. Any organization can come in, take a test drive, and purchase event credits to use the product on demand. From the snapshot technology that does away with paper resumes to the robust and user-friendly dashboard, all aspects of the Rakuna platform are open to users.

The launch of the Silicon Valley-based company also includes the establishment of a new software development team in Vietnam, created specifically to provide support for clients in timezones across the globe.

Campus recruiting is in dire need of an upgrade, and Rakuna’s public launch comes at just the right time. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recruiters attend more than 150 events each year, and that’s not including the information sessions and workshops that come on the heels of career fairs. Moreover, NACE estimates that every job posting generates an average of 250 resumes. That workload slows hiring and results not only in the stagnation of business, but a waste of talent as well.

“I think the unique thing about campus recruiting is the personal connection that students get to make with a company,” says Rakuna CEO Trong Dong. “Yet, currently, there is no easy way to capture all students’ interactions with a company efficiently and aggregate a student’s evaluation … the current inefficient, paper-based process really hinders recruiters from effectively following through with high potential candidates, and that’s why Rakuna was born.”

About Rakuna

Rakuna is the campus recruiting platform redefining how top employers recruit young people. The Rakuna Platform includes Rakuna Recruit, the simplest mobile app for career fairs and recruiting events, and Rakuna Recruit Dashboard, the candidate relationship management dashboard for campus recruiting. We are how companies hire millennials. To learn more, visit http://www.rakuna.co

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