[Press Release] Rakuna Recruit App Now Available for Android and New Features Unveiled

[Press Release] Rakuna Recruit App Now Available for Android and New Features Unveiled

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Rakuna Recruit App Now Available for Android and New Features Unveiled


Rakuna, a groundbreaking campus and event recruiting solution that helps HR companies streamlining their hiring processes, announced the release of its mobile app on Android. Following the successful launch of our iOS app, we are delighted that our product now finally comes to Android users. From now on, recruiters with a smartphone using Android operating system can easily take snapshots of all candidates’ resumes, manage and retrieve prospect’s data in seconds and qualify them in real time at career fairs and on-campus recruiting events. The app also features round-the-clock online and offline support.


Rakuna Recruit app is an effective campus recruiting solution for recruiters who have trouble handling stacks of paper resumes and managing candidates’ information amidst the constant travel between campus recruiting events. Thanks to Rakuna Recruit, recruiters can capture resumes and evaluate candidates instantly, quickly track prospects’ data on management’s dashboard, and manage all recruiting events all in one place.

“We are thrilled to extend our mobile recruiting capabilities to the Android community. We all know the importance of being mobile in today’s working world and this app helps our customers quickly grab the attention of top talent,” said Trong Dong, CEO of Rakuna. “Following the successful release of our iOS app, we are delighted to respond to our growing customer community who asked for this Android app.”

Rakuna Recruit mobile app is now available to download for free at Android Play Store and Apple App Store. First time Rakuna users can create an account at: https://app.rakuna.co/recruiter/sign_up

Learn more about Rakuna Recruit for Android and iOS on our Knowledge Base site: http://knowledge.rakuna.co/


Technology keeps moving forward and we never stop enhancing our product for better user experience. In addition to the launch of Rakuna Recruit on Android, we also roll out a list of awesome features focusing on integration and deeper insights for recruiters.

This release includes Rakuna’s bulk-import capability for iCIMS and Greenhouse ATS, multiple-page resume uploads, and messaging status.

1. Rakuna’s bulk-import capability for iCIMS and Greenhouse ATS

We understand the challenges of managing data across various systems and the wish of aggregating data into companies’ central ATS in an easy and seamless manner. After a year of partnering with iCIMS and Greenhouse, two of the most innovative ATS providers out there, we are happy to upgrade our integration to include bulk-import capability. This new feature will save extensive time for recruiting teams and allow for central data management.

Check out the Greenhouse and iCIMS integration demos below:

2. Multiple-page resume uploads

With this new update, recruiters can have up to four snapshots representing four pages of a candidate’s resume instead of being able to take only one photo of a resume as in older versions.

3. Messaging status

Wonder what happened with messages sent to your candidates after an event is over? Rakuna provides a handy feature named Messaging Status. This feature allows you to view recipient’s interaction with your email, which fall into 4 categories below:

  • Bounce: Recipient’s server could not accept email (e.g. invalid email address, mailbox over quota etc.). Rakuna will try to resend the messaging email when possible; 
  • Delivered: Your messaging email has been successfully delivered to the candidate; 
  • Open: Candidate has opened/read your messaging email; and 
  • Click: The pinnacle of email engagement is the click. Your call to action, whether it is to ask candidates to apply on your ATS, or sign up on your Talent Network. If your email has a hyperlink, Rakuna can track if the recipient clicks on the link and visits your website.


Check out Rakuna Knowledge Base for more awesome updates.

About Rakuna

Rakuna is the campus recruiting platform redefining how top employers recruit young people. The Rakuna Platform includes Rakuna Recruit, the simplest mobile app for career fairs and recruiting events, and Rakuna Recruit Dashboard, the candidate relationship management dashboard for campus recruiting. We are how companies hire millennials. To learn more, visit: http://www.rakuna.co.

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