[Press Release] Rakuna Launches A Limited Pilot Program for the Brand New Interview Scheduling Solution

[Press Release] Rakuna Launches A Limited Pilot Program for the Brand New Interview Scheduling Solution

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Rakuna, a groundbreaking campus and event recruiting solution that helps companies streamlining their hiring processes, today launched a pilot program for the newest addition to its product suite, Interview Scheduling Solution. With Interview Management, Rakuna provides a hassle-free interview scheduling experience and interview evaluation management for recruiters. Starting today, employers of any size can apply to participate in the exclusive pilot program and be among the first to test the product and give direct feedback on how it can be improved. The companies participating in this limited pilot program will also be eligible for special discount if they decide to adopt the solution after the pilot program concludes.

“We have been working tirelessly with recruiters and employers for a long enough time to understand all the nuisances involved in the interviewing scheduling process. For example, the old-fashioned back and forth email and phone communication between recruiters and candidates and recruiters and interviewers can be lengthy and slow down the hiring process, which makes it time- and cost-consuming for all parties involved,” said Trong Dong, Co-Founder and CEO of RAKUNA. “Therefore, with Interview Management, we took a deep look into the headaches arisen in the interview scheduling process and developed an effortless automated solution to address them.”


Interview Management solution comes with a list of awesome features focusing on creating a more personal and engaging experience for both interviewers and candidates.

1. Optimize Interview Scheduling

Interview Management delivers a streamlined platform that allows recruiting coordinators and recruiters to effortlessly create interviews, invite candidates, and manage interview scheduling and interview assessment from interviewers. Candidates and interviewers can easily view, accept and decline interviews with the click of a button.

Interview Management

Interview Management platform on the Rakuna Web App

2. Schedule Appointment in Bulk

Recruiters can invite multiple candidates to interviews with just a single click, making the scheduling process move at the speed of light. This easy-to-use feature takes the stress, wasted time and costs out of the current complicated scheduling process so recruiters can focus on more important tasks of hiring.

3. Enable Candidate to Self-schedule

With this feature, recruiters can allow candidates to quickly book interview appointments at their own conveniences.


Candidates can quickly book interview appointments based on their availabilities

4. Generate Automated Emails

Interview Management increases productivity for recruiters and creates a positive candidate experience by allowing them to send automated customized messages to candidates pre- and post-interviews.

5. Evaluate and Track Candidate’s History

The solution goes above and beyond just scheduling and managing interviews. It also allows interviewers to log in the evaluation of candidate in real-time or after the interview, keeping all candidates’ evaluation and history in one place for the back office team to keep track and access whenever, wherever.


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Rakuna is now offering limited slots in a pilot program for the new Interview Management solution and will select 10 companies from different sizes and industries to join the exclusive program. The goal of this program is to get input from relevant employers and get their feedback (finding issues, limitations, suggesting improvements) to improve the product before its official release. Interested in making your scheduling task a breeze? Hop on a free one-on-one demo with Rakuna to learn more!


Rakuna is the campus recruiting platform redefining how top employers recruit young talents - the Millennials. The Product Suite includes Rakuna Recruiting App - the simplest mobile app for career fairs and recruiting events, Rakuna Recruit Dashboard - the candidate relationship management dashboard for campus recruiting, Event Management - the event management platform that streamlines recruiting team collaboration and event management. Recently, the company launched a limited Pilot Program for its newest addition to the product suite, Interview Scheduling. To learn more, visit www.rakuna.co.

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