A Field Guide to NACE 2022 Conference and Expo



We’re gearing up for NACE 2022 here at Rakuna. This year’s NACE In-person Conference + Expo is shaping up to be a fantastic comeback after months of disruption.

The Rakuna team has whipped up this comprehensive guide to some of the most prominent highlights of this year’s conference to help you get the most out of the experience. Read on and enjoy

Strengthening Your Knowledge Base With Nace 2022’s Concurrent Sessions

Enrich your knowledgebase with interesting NACE 2022 Concurrent Sessions

The NACE Conference has always been a fantastic host for engaging and info-rich concurrent sessions. Aside from the main events, NACE 2022 will also host several smaller concurrent sessions in the form of traditional lectures or roundtable discussions. If you are a recruiter eager to improve and learn your craft, here are some sessions that might be of interest.

Sessions’ Schedule

From June 8th to June 9th, visitors will have plenty of opportunities to join their favorite sessions. There will be a Morning and Afternoon assembly as follow:

Wednesday, June 8

  • Morning Concurrent Sessions: 8:45 – 11:00
  • Afternoon Concurrent Sessions: 16:15 – 17:15

Thursday, June 9

  • Morning Concurrent Sessions: 8:45 – 9:45
  • Afternoon Concurrent Sessions: 13:15 – 16:30

Can’t-Miss Sessions

For recruiters and talent acquisition leaders, check out this list of exciting sessions available from June 8th to June 9th. Take a seat and learn how to enhance your work process and bring the best experiences to your candidates!

Executive Leaders Meet Up
  • Location: Level 2 - Portland Ballroom - Room 252
  • Date and time: Tue 7 Jun at 10:00 - 12:00
  • Level: Advanced-Level
  • Main Speaker: NACE Leadership

If you are in a leading position for your company’s university relations, or recruitment, this session is a must-join.

This interactive session is the chance for leaders - those who have experienced the change between the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic landscape, to share and discuss the rising trends, opportunities, and challenges in the future of our profession.

Visitors will share their experiences, strategies, and insights that enable leaders to make positive changes to their organization’s work effectiveness and job outcome in an engaging roundtable discussion.

Reinventing Your Campus Strategy: Using the Campus Ecosystem Model to Drive Success
  • Location: Level 1- Lobby F - Room D135 and D136
  • Date and time: Wed 8 Jun at 10:00 - 11:00
  • Level: Advanced-Level
  • Main Speaker: Graham Donald, Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc.

Campus recruitment has always been one of the best sources for young and talented candidates.

However, making the most out of your campus recruitment campaign is not easy. With many developing trends currently affecting the recruitment landscape like the hybrid recruit and work model, The Great Resignation movement, and a new level of focus for D&I elements.

Rakuna believes every recruiting team has room to improve and enhance their current process and approach strategy. Join this session to:

  • Understand the importance of reviewing every aspect of your campus strategy and ensure you prioritize the correct elements.
  • Develop a better understanding of different aspects and their impact on the success of your campus recruitment operation.
  • Identify and overcome barriers preventing your team from achieving further success and higher ROI in your campus recruitment campaigns.
Student’s Preferences: Implications for Engaging Today’s Students
  • Location: Level 1 - Lobby F - Room F149-150
  • Date and time: Wed 8 Jun at 13:00 - 14:00
  • Level: Emerging, Intermediate, Advanced-Level
  • Speaker: Josh Kahn and Kacheyta McClellan from NACE, Terrell Strayhorn from Virginia Union University

Candidates’ priorities, and motivations when accepting a job offer are vastly different from the last time Rakuna attended NACE. Now diversity, equity, and inclusion take the spotlight as one of the most critical elements in deciding on successful hires.

This session will reveal and discuss the initial findings of the Equity in Recruiting project. Hosted by NACE and the Center for the Study of Historically Black Colleges and Universities - the project targets employers committed to diversity hiring and a class of HBCU interns. It aims to explore and examine recruiting and internship program strategies and practices.

The 8 Places Where Unconscious Bias Shows Up Most in Campus Recruiting
  • Location: Level 2 - Portland Ballroom - Room 255
  • Date and time: Wed 8 Jun at 16:16 - 17:15
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Main Speaker: Dan Bartfield, Yello
  • Additional Speakers: Etienne Vazquez from Bloomberg, Stella Yuen from The Clorox Company, Christen Steele from Yello/WayUp

As the name suggests, unconscious bias in recruiting is tough to spot and weed out.

In a recent experiment conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, they sent out 80,000 fake applications with carefully-crafted names. Initial findings indicated that black or Africant-American-sounding names receive significantly fewer responses than white-sounding names.

Unconscious bias has always been a major roadblock when finding quality candidates and implementing D&I elements in recruiting operations. Join and learn to identify where unconscious bias usually spawns in a recruiting process and how to combat them with procedural changes and long-term strategies!

The Evolution of Campus Recruiting: Data-Driven Approaches to Transform Your Organization
  • Location: Level 2 - Portland Ballroom - Room 251 and 258
  • Date and time: Wed 8 Jun at 16:15 - 17:15
  • Level: Advanced-Level
  • Main Speaker: Nicky Garcea, Cap pfinity
  • Additional Speakers: Lindsey Pollak, Lindsey Pollak LLC

When recruiters and talent acquisition leaders understand how and why the trends in our field were created, we can better prepare for the future as a new wave of candidates approaches.

In this section, you will be able to pinpoint milestones throughout the pandemic’s stages that affected how campus recruiters interact with candidates.

You will also learn how Gen Z candidates influenced and forever changed campus recruiting. Implement tried-and-true strategies that other campus recruiters employed to overcome the contemporary obstacles and achieve career–recruiting goals in the middle of a health crisis.

NACE’s Featured Speakers - Listen to Inspiring Stories

We all learned valuable lessons as the world is adapting to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Come and listen to practical knowledge from inspirational and insightful speakers.

Tuesday, June 7 | 16:45 – 18:00

Convention Center’s Level 2 - Oregon Ballroom

Listen to interesting stories with NACE 2022 special speaker: Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson

Award-Winning Chef, Restaurateur, Author, and Co-Owner of Red Rooster Harlem

You might have heard the name Marcus Samuelsson as you go out to enjoy a nice dinner at your local restaurant. He is behind many renowned restaurants worldwide such as Red Rooster Harlem, MARCUS Montreal, and Marcus B&P. Some know him as the youngest person The New York Times ever given a three-star review.

Marcus Samuelsson has made a mark on many lives as a dedicated philanthropist. Samuelsson plays a prominent role in the Careers through Culinary Arts Program, which lends aid to vulnerable youth. He received the Vilcek Foundation Prize in Culinary Arts, celebrating immigrants who have made lasting contributions to American society.

Wednesday, June 8 | 13:15 – 14:45

Convention Center’s Level 2 - Oregon Ballroom

Listen to interesting stories with NACE 2022 special speaker: Dr. Michelle R. Weise

Dr. Michelle R. Weise

Vice-Chancellor of Strategy and Innovation, National University System

If you have come across the book: Long-Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet (Wiley, 2021), then you are holding a creation of Dr. Michelle R. Weise. Having been awarded the 2021 Phillip E. Frandson Award for Literature by UPCEA (University Professional and Continuing Education Association), the book is her contribution to advancing higher education literature.

You might also know Dr. Weise as the chief innovation officer of Strada Education Network and Southern New Hampshire University.

Networking Events - Mingle, Connect, and Network

With how long the Pandemic has been disrupting the world, who would pass up the chance to meet old friends and make new ones?

Catchup with old friends and make new ones with NACE 2022 Networking Events

Note: there will be 3 official NACE Connect events scheduled in the afternoon of the first day - Tuesday, June 7th:

  • Connection Events: First Timers' Session: 13:00 - 14:00\ Location: Level 2 - Portland Ballroom - Room 25
  • Connection Events: Affinity Groups Meet-Ups: 14:15 - 15:15\ Location: Level 1 - Lobby A, B, and C

Note: there will be multiple Affinity Groups Meet-Ups with varying topics taking place during this period. Remember to verify your intended session and find the right room\ \ Visitors will also have the option to either join various Connection Events or attend other activities such as:

  • 13:00 - 20:00: Visit the Expo Hall, which will remain available from June 7th to June 9th\ Location: Level 1 - Exhibit Hall A, A1, and
  • 16:45 - 18:00: Take a seat in the first General Session with a special Featured Speaker\ Location: Level 1 - Lobby A, B, and C

\ If you miss any of these Connection Events, you will still have another chance to connect with your colleagues at:

Tuesday, June 7th

  • Evening Opening Reception: 18:00 - 20:00\ Location: Level 1 - Exhibit Hall A, A1, and B

Wednesday, June 8th

  • Lunch: 11:00 - 13:00\ Location: Level 1 - Exhibit Hall A, A1, and
  • Afternoon Beverage Break: 15:00 - 16:00\ Location: Level 1 - Exhibit Hall A, A1, and B

Thursday, June 9th

  • Lunch: 11:00 - 13:00\ Location: Level 1 - Exhibit Hall A, A1, and B
  • Afternoon Beverage Break: 14:15 - 15:15\ Location: Level 1 - Exhibit Hall A, A1, and B

Exhibition Events - Meet Rakuna and Other Vendors at Nace 2022

Visit Rakuna's booth #312 at NACE 2022 for awesome giveaways!

Book an in-person meeting and meet the Rakuna team at booth #312!

It is always exciting to see how your industry’s technology and support service landscape has changed. For Rakuna, the global pandemic is a chance for us to upgrade and bring in exciting additions to our product lineups and further support our clients. Remember to catch Rakuna, along with many awesome vendors in action at the Expo Hall!

Visit your favorite vendors and discover new solutions at NACE 2022's Expo Hall events

Notable Expo Hall Vendors

We put the exhibitor list under the scope and shortlisted these 5 notable participants:

1. Rakuna - Booth #312
  • Category: Recruiting Management

Yours truly. Rakuna platform allows companies to handle all recruitment marketing and operations activities with a single solution. Rakuna's product suite includes Recruiting CRM, Interview Scheduling, Text Recruiting, Campus & Event Recruiting.

As a long-standing tradition, our CEO will be at Rakuna booth #312 - excited to greet everyone in person. You will get the chance to talk and consult with our product developers and designers. So skip the line and book your meeting today to get awesome giveaways!

See you at the Expo Hall!

2. Handshakes - Booth 401 & 403
  • Category: Career Services and Management Platform

Handshakes links university and community college students, alumni, and boot camps across the US with businesses from the Fortune 500 list, NGOs, SMBs, startups, and more.

3. SafeHire - Booth #218
  • Category: Interview/Resumes/E-portfolios

SafeHire can be another source of high-quality candidates for your company. As top students apply to your company using the SafeHire platform, recruiters can conduct quality reference checks or pre-screen with video introductions and other handy features.

4. IES Abroad - Booth #512
  • Category: Internship

IES Abroad has been introducing international internship and academic programs for over 150,000 students since 1950. Having served with over 500 top-ranked universities, if your company has a compelling internship program, consider getting in touch with IES Abroad as you visit them.

5. Criteria Corp - Booth #608
  • Category: Assessment/Metrics

If you are looking for an effective assessment solution to sort your candidates, Criteria Corp might have the solution for you. They have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of candidate assessments that measure cognitive aptitude, personality, and emotional intelligence to potential risks. Combined with an intuitive report system, recruiters can gain a better understanding of their latest hires.


You will have three days in Portland, a city known for its’ “Keep Portland Weird” vibe. From scenic nature spots to exciting nightlife, here are the top 03 most recommended attractions in Portland!

Oregon Zoo

People lining up to visit the Oregon Zoo (OPB, 2019)

People lining up to visit the Oregon Zoo OPB, 2019

One of the oldest zoos in Mississippi, you can take the MAX light rail in Washington Park and get there in under 5 minutes. The Oregon Zoo is home to 2,697 animals from more than 215 species. With the recent renovation, there's room for rhinos, primo real estate for primates, and a new expanse for elephants.

Forest Park

People enjoying a walk in the forest at Forest Park (TravelPortland, 2022)

Enjoy Nature’s splendor with your family at Forest Park (TravelPortland, 2022)

For nature lovers, Forest Park is a destination you can't skip. With 70 miles (113 km) of trails, Forest Park is a popular retreat for runners, cyclists, and those looking to escape the bustle of the city life — leashed dogs are even allowed, so don't forget to bring your 4-legged friend. The park covers 5,156 acres (2,086 ha), supporting more than 112 bird and 62 mammal species, and acting as a natural air purifier.

Voodoo Doughnut

Enjoy sugary treats at Voodoo Doughnut (TravelPortland, 2022)

Enjoy sugary treats at Voodoo Doughnut (TravelPortland, 2022)

Open 24/7. This cozy corner shop attracts lines of doughnut lovers from dusk till dawn. The line for Voodoo is always packed with anxious eaters. They come to personally enjoy treats like the Bacon Maple Bar (a multi-flavored handful topped with rich frosting and crunchy meat candy), the Oh Captain, My Captain (a circular celebration crowned with Captain Crunch cereal). It's a gourmet spectacle you cannot miss!


That concludes the NACE 2022 Conference + Expo-Guide. From information-rich sessions, diverse exhibitors, and networking events, you have just gone through some of the most notable activities you can experience from June 7th to June 9th at the Oregon Convention Center.

NACE 2022 marks the return of the much-anticipated conference and expo. Rakuna is excited to show you how far we have come in supporting recruiters in the new recruitment space! Remember to sign-up for an in-person meeting  with us and receive awesome giveaways!

About Rakuna

Rakuna is on a mission to help employers adapt to the ever-changing recruiting landscape and hire their next wave of talents with the right technology.

The Rakuna platform allows organizations to handle all recruitment marketing and operations activities with a single solution to attract, engage, and nurture top candidates. The Rakuna platform includes Recruiting CRM, Interview Scheduling, Text Recruiting, and Campus & Event Recruiting.

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