Grace Hopper Career Fair 2019 Guide For Recruiters

Grace Hopper Career Fair 2019 Guide For Recruiters

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Going to a deep-dive, professional event like Grace Hopper offers huge rewards. By attending you can learn the latest techniques, broaden your professional networks and most importantly, get in contact with thousands of potential candidates!

As you are gearing up for Grace Hopper 2019 and we rounded up a detailed guide for recruiting professionals to some of the highlights from what’s sure to be a great conference. Infused yourself with new tips, tricks of the trade and make valuable connections to get the best of Grace Hopper Celebration 2019.

I. Grace Hopper Celebration 2019: Event Highlights

GHC Career Fair Guide

1. Highlighted Sessions on October 1st

Career Fair Hall Crawl

  • Time: 05:00 P.M –6:30 P.M.
  • Room: OCCC Hall WA4/WB1
  • The Career Fair Hall Crawl gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the GHC sponsors and exhibitors before things get into full swing. Get in-depth product and hiring information, pick up some fun and free swag, and socialize while enjoying food and beverages at the sponsor booths or in the hall. The Career Fair Hall Crawl is on Tuesday, October 1, 5–6:30 p.m. Badges and ID are required.

Career Fair is one of the most anticipated sessions in Grace Hopper Celebration 2019. According to Grace Hopper Impact Report 2018, there were 14000+ resume available for review, nearly 1000 mid career resumes with 5 - 15 years of experience, 98% of students submitted a resume and 59% interviewed for jobs. Such hefty figures made Grace Hopper career fair one of the biggest attractions for both job seekers and employers. This-year career fair promises to get even bigger, thus, it’s not easy to get the spotlight at Grace Hopper 2019.

Difficult, but not impossible. In the next section, we will tell you how you can achieve success at the biggest career fair in 2019.

2. Highlighted Sessions on October 2nd

GHC Career Fair & Technology Showcase

  • Time: 11:30 A.M - 2 P.M
  • Room: OCCC Hall WA4/WB1
  • If you geek out on the latest tech innovation, then this is the place for you. This year’s sponsors promise to pull out all the stops to wow you with their products and technology. You can check out the sponsors who are participating at GHC 19.

Community Fairs

  • Time: 11:30 A.M - 5:30 P.M
  • Room: Hyatt Florida Ballroom B
  • Community Fairs is the opportunity for you to network, participate in professional development, discuss future plans. Sponsored by Google, Fullstory and Medidata, Community Fairs is packed with a wide range of activities including Resume Reviews, Interview Coaching, DIY Pay Equity or Meetup/Socials Celebrating Women in technical roles

Addressing The Maturing Diversity Model

  • Time: 1:00 P.M - 2.00 P.M
  • Room: Hyatt Regency Ballroom Q
  • Speakers: Mike McNamara - Executive Vice President and CIO, Target. Carin Taylor - Chief Diversity Officer - Workday
  • In this session, Carin and Mike discuss the evolving definition of D&I, beyond race and gender, and how forward thinking companies can adapt workplaces, recruitment and retention strategies to address this change.

Diversity Advocates: Launching A Tools To Increase Expertise and Efficacy Among Tech D&I Leaders

  • Time: 2:45 P.M - 2.15 P.M
  • Room: Hyatt Regency Ball Room S
  • Speaker: Cynthia Overtorn - Director of Tech Workplace Initiatives, Kapor Center
  • This session highlights the launch of a tech platform to support 1000+ tech diversity leader, by providing resources, professional education and community building to increase the efficacy of D&I Leaders

3. Highlighted Sessions on October 3rd

Fertility and The Future of Work

  • Time: 2:15 P.M - 3.00 P.M
  • Room: OCCC Chapin Theater (Lvl 3)
  • Speaker: Tammy Sun - Co-funder & CEO, Carrot Fertility
  • Come to this session to learn how to navigate fertility topics in the workplace and why access to fertility benefits will transform the future of work.

Driving 10X Scale: Amplifying Others Through Coaching

  • Time: 4:30 P.M - 5:30 P.M
  • Room: Hyatt Plaza International Ballroom G
  • Speaker: Stephanie Szeto - Technical Program Manager, Facebook. Zainab Ghadiyali - Product Lead, Airbnb
  • Participate in this deep-dive session to learn how to empower others to perform to their best potential and enable them to tackle specific problems.

4. Highlighted Sessions on October 4th

Leading Decision That Sticks

  • Time: 9:00 A.M - 9:30 A.M
  • Room: BHyatt Regency Ballroom V
  • Speaker: Keela Robison - VP, Product Innovation, Netflix
  • The ability to effectively make decisions is one of the most important capabilities of high performing team. In this presentation, you’ll lead how to lead a decision meeting, and the steps you should take to ensure that decisions stick.

Mental Illness In The Workplace: How To Have An Honest, Real Conversation

  • Time: 12:15 P.M - 1.15 P.M
  • Room: Hyatt Orlando Ballroom L
  • Speaker: Amy Higgins - Senior Associate Software Engineer, Capital One. Leslie Carr - Engineering Manager, Saleforce
  • According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the U.S experiences mental illness each year. This panel give employees and managers the conversational tools to discuss mental illness, ask for and give accommodations and respond to mental health needs with support and compassion

II. Grace Hopper Career Fair Essential Guide For Recruiters

Coming to Grace Hopper career fair 201, you’re going to run into eager candidates of all styles, stripes, and banners. But the candidates that stand out are sharp, informed, and always engaging. If you’re going to get those candidates, you’ll need recruiters who are ready to meet them. Here are ten tips on how to make the most of a campus recruiting event and catch the people you want for your organization.

GHC Career Fair Tips

Before The Fair

01. Define Your Career Fair Goals

Recruitment ROI is important. And to achieve the best ROI figure, you must have your goals all figured out before the fair. A clear set of goals will have you easily navigate when you craft your on-the-field or post-career fair strategies.

02. Have your marketing materials together

The next thing you’ll need to attract potential candidates to your booth at the fair is a display that will wow them. As Grace Hopper 2019’s theme is all about diversity and equality, attending candidates will expect to find employers whose advocacies are aligned with the event’s vision. Thus, you need to embroider your booth with information about how you care for your employees and how your company culture is valued.

Besides, A booth with a colorful display of your company’s mission will give your organization credibility (not to mention draw a nice crowd to your recruiters). Keep plenty of company literature on hand for starting conversations and helping applicants keep your organization in mind. Business cards will also go very far toward keeping conversations going after the fair.

03. Assemble Your Team

The words and behavior of your representatives reflect on your organization, so it is absolutely important that they give the right impression. Once again, they need to be fully aware of Grace Hopper theme and expectations from potential applicants, of your organization’s goals at the career fair and how to achieve them. You need to make sure they know what positions are open, what people are right for those positions, and how you intend to reach those people. Also, make sure they understand how you expect them to behave. (Don’t forget that decorum doesn’t come naturally to everyone!)

During The Fair

04. Be Effective

Ideally, you should have everything up your sleeve to win candidates after multiple weeks of planning in advance. You should have your message, your marketing material, you booth and all the rest ready well before you’ve seen your first applicant. However, to make the most out of your participation, you need to:

  • Meet as many applicants as possible: This is pure math. The more job seekers you speak to, the higher the probability of finding qualified candidates for your open positions.
  • Keep interviews short: As you will interview a lot of candidates, assign a specific timeframe for each interview as long queues will turn candidates off.
  • Take note: Gather candidate’s resumes, contact details and important information your can draw from the interviews. You will have a hard time in post-career fair if candidate’s profiles are scattered and mismatched. Adopting a campus recruiting tool can help you to get rid of the paperwork, process all those applications, interviews and follow up with everyone without creating a tons of extra manual work for your HR department.

05. Be Engaging

Looking good doesn’t mean much if your recruiters aren’t making potential candidates want to stay. Your representatives should be on their feet engaging with fair attendees as much as possible. From the start of the fair to the end, there should be someone at your booth who is ready and able to give their undivided attention to potential applicants. Going back to the last section, there’s one thing you should be doing late: leaving the fair.


After The Fair

06. Follow Up With Everyone

Following up with applicants is very important if you want to keep people interested in your organization. Failure to do so promptly can keep you from finding the people you want and can hurt your organization’s image. Any savvy job-seeker will send out more than a few applications, and the company that replies fastest can easily come out on top. If you don’t reply, someone else most likely will. If you wait too long after receiving an application, not only will you lose the applicant, but you will also cause people to regard you as rude and uncaring or lumbering and inefficient. By preparing a good follow-up strategy, you can create more value for your organization and add a personal touch to the recruiting process that applicants will appreciate.

07. Measure Results

To better understand the efficacy of your career fair participation, build your own recruiting report dashboard with key metrics such as Time-to-hire, Number of Interviews, Interviews Per Hire, Cost Per Hire, etc.

For Rakuna detailed career fair checklist, check out: 10-Step Career Fair Checklist For Employers - Tips & Ideas


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