[Press Release] Rakuna 2019 Student Survey: 15 Insights in Students Mind When Applying and Considering Offer

[Press Release] Rakuna 2019 Student Survey: 15 Insights in Students Mind When Applying and Considering Offer

July 1, 2019 - 3 minute read -
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Campus recruiting is an ever-changing landscape and one can only win top talents by grasping a deeper understanding of students. To shed light on the mind of the Millennials and Gen Z and give your recruiting strategy a boost for the upcoming recruiting seasons, Rakuna has released its first-ever Rakuna 2019 Student Survey: 15 Insights in Students’ Mind When Applying and Considering Offer. “We believe the insightful information will help campus recruiting leaders clarify and strengthen their college recruitment strategy,” said Trong Dong, Co-Founder and CEO of Rakuna.

The report includes insights from 500+ college students and recent graduates from all over the U.S. on their views and expectations in career aspirations and job application process. Specifically, students were surveyed on topics related to 1) Job search, 2) Interview process, 3) Job offer consideration and 4) Job preference and expectation.

The study reveals that Growth, Communication, and Flexibility are the three prominent factors affecting a candidate’s job search and application. Statistics from the survey show that more than 80% of the respondents deemed career advancement opportunities the most influential factor when considering a job offer. When it comes to candidate relationship management, 90% prefer to use email and phone as professional communication channels and would like to hear from the recruiter within one week after the first interaction. Finally, more than 80% are willing to relocate for job/internship opportunities, making it attractive for employers to hire a more diverse workforce. With these insights, hiring managers, talent acquisition leaders, and recruiters can generate discussion and form new strategies on:

  • How to get the most out of career fairs - the top channel for students to look for job opportunities?
  • How to communicate in a timely manner with candidates through relevant channels?
  • What type of benefits and compensation to offer to best attract candidates?
  • How to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
  • Etc.

In addition to giving valuable tips, the study also recommends an action plan with various recruitment solutions your Campus Recruitment team can consider to enhance your hiring process and communication with potential candidates. As the Fall 2019 recruiting season will start soon, Rakuna hopes this comprehensive student survey report can prompt talent acquisition leaders to refine your campus recruitment strategies and be ready for the upcoming wave of aspiring talents. You can access the full report here.

About Rakuna

Rakuna is the campus recruiting platform redefining how top employers recruit young talents - the Millennials. The Product Suite includes Rakuna Recruit - the simplest mobile app for career fairs and recruiting events, Rakuna Recruit Dashboard - the candidate relationship management dashboard for campus recruiting, Event Management - the event management platform that streamlines recruiting team collaboration and event management. Recently, the company launched the newest addition to its product suite, Interview Scheduling. To learn more about us, visit www.rakuna.co.

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